What would you all recommend for me to learn now?

Hello! it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and I just finished the updated JavaScript course, and the HTML & CSS courses. I was wondering what y’all would recommend me learn next on here? no answer is gonna be ignored! Thanks to all who post on here :grin:

There’s lots to learn but given you have a start with JavaScript, pile it on and learn as much about the language as you can. Stick to the one path for the time being. ES5 vs ES6… Be able to identify and write vanilla code in both versions. Look into AngularJS and React.js once you feel you’ve mastered vanilla JS.


thanks! I’ll keep going down the JavaScript / Offbrands and learn as much as I can!

It is enough for web designing. If you want to learn more there are many things to learn

Keep learning this first.

Fundamental concepts, Python is more user friendly in languages to learn those ideals.

You could also learn something like PHP to add a server to your website.