What would be a good course of preparing for Digipen?

Hello! I need some wisdom on what would be a proper course of action to prepare myself for the long run of becoming a computer programmer. I looked a salaries of this and you can earn 50,000$+. And also I enjoy learning new things, especially when it comes to computers. I also am very passionate about this.

So! My general idea is to do 10-15 hours of studying python programming every week or if I feel froggy maybe more! Then commit myself to a online paid course to acquire certificates of completion and credit for this. Then just maybe take on a bigger challenge if I decide I am ready for it. Such as going to DigiPen via online. 98% of there students get jobs when they complete there courses.

And so…what do you think would be a good course of action to take in regards to climbing up to the top? Another note is we are a low income family and have been for quite some time. Thank you for your time.