What will I be able to make?


Alright so now I am trough 75% of HTML&CSS class and before I go any further I want to know if this or any other class is gonna teach me how to: -Make people sign in or sign up(possibly with Steam)
-Make a roullete/jackpot

Thank you


No. You will not learn these things in the HTML & CSS course.

I haven’t tried them yet, but I think Ruby on Rails is a good course for learning that stuff.


Yea HTML/CSS is basiclly what will make those things come together / look good. Thats the best way i can put it.

Your HTML will place all the info in an actual webpage, and the css will style it to look all fancy like. :slight_smile:

As for what makes those things, i’m really not sure.

Hope this helped.


To signup with steam, take a look at steam API

Rouletter and jackpot as a simple online game can be done with javascript (canvas), this has a higher difficulty level then just htm + css (you still need html + css, like mentioned to bring it together).

If real money is going to be involved, there is much more to it, since you are just getting started, i would not do this until your understanding of computers/servers and security is much better