What websites would be good for learning Java to program mods for Minecraft?


I realized that after i started the course.... so I was like yolo. :sweat_smile:


Codecademy Java course


Ik. I found it earlier, like 2016 early December time


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I didn't think you could do that here.


I looked into Minecraft... If I were wanting to mod the mobile version I need to learn C++ but the PC is Java




While that is a possibility... Apps such as the mobile version are generally not open to the public for modification. In addition, you would need to learn Objective-C (likely what it is written in), or Apple's new Swift, in order to do such a thing. C++ is more times than not used for computer based programs, rather than mobile apps.


I found an app that allows me to make mods for the mobile version and import them into the app


I doubt it is sanctioned by the app developers. :wink:


The minecraft pocket edition developers or the mod creator app?


however the two languages are similar, or at least as I remember Java?


The developers of mine craft.


Similar topic.


Not exactly sure how...


Okay that's all I wanted to know


How what?


However Minecraft is a player-based game, the only thing they keep somewhat secret is the main source-code


As a measure of safety and to protect from copyright infringements by children that get into it too easily :wink:

From the Mojang website;

By "Mods," we mean something original that you or someone else created that doesn't contain a substantial part of our copyrightable code or content.

So you can't really use Minecraft's source code specifically there, or too much at least, so I guess it's to protect against this :smile:


That's what I meant by they won't release the source code, and they if do then, they might not want people to make fake minecraft versions with what they want instead of the playerbase, like releasing versions of minecraft to everyone with what that specific player wants in the game