What website should I make? (First website)

Hello, anyone wanna recommend a first website I should make?

Make one on your computer. A basic site. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Save the scripting for last and push the boundaries with CSS to fill in for any behaviors it is capable of handling. This will take the load off the scripting side. Script should only enhance the interface behaviors, not drive them. CSS is perfectly capable of that.

Scripting is most useful in request/response roles where AJAX or some other form of client/server transaction is taking place. Using something like Node.js you can set up a server on your local host so you can perfect your XHR stuff without needing an external server.

Of course, there are still DOM roles such as class-switching and other updating, but styling and presentation should still be left up to the CSS, with perhaps some direction from the script. Perfect the CSS and you will be a guru in any design circles.

Your own computer is the best place to perfect all of the above.