What was your win this week?

What was your win for this week? It can be coding-related or not!

  • Did you start a 30-day challenge?

  • Did you complete a course & get a certificate?

  • Did you set new goals and stay on the path?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :dancer:t2:


coding: I’m 73% through the DS path. Hoping to stick to my schedule and finish it soon & move on to something else.

non-coding: finished a couple crochet projects. :yarn: Also my team won our first softball game last week. Woo! :baseball:


I have been too busy to code but I did finish EOC (end of course) testing! Now that summer is nearing I’m also trying to get outside more and be more active in the real world!


Coding-related: I’m branching out and learning Java (I had only been learning Python before this). I’m trying to get the AP CS Java course done by next week

Non-coding related: I got accepted into some universities for computer science! I’m really looking forward to finally enroll in the fall, I’ve been waiting for this for so long… On the other hand, I made cookies : D


I went backwards 10% in my CS path :laughing:
The course got a revamp so there’s more stuff to look over, hopefully I understood it well enough to breeze through the new stuff.

  • This week, I got accepted at university in computer science too!
  • My progress on Codecademy was mostly focused on Front-End development (HTML, CSS, JS), but now I will start the learn C++ and learn Python 3 courses to get a head start on my university courses from this fall. So happy that I can do all of this from home and asynchronously so I can keep my job AND reorient my career! Thanks to COVID, those courses didn’t exist two years ago in my area.

I finally understood what I really want to learn, didn’t started yet but this is great a achievement for me haha
Here in code academy for few year now, managed to learn css and html basics and really helped in my work and daily life, coding is defiantly part of our life, no matters of what we are doing.

good luck everyone! <3


Hey, congrats on the uni acceptances! You’re gonna do so good


I’m 34% through the C# course, yay. :slight_smile:


Got the one year streak badge.