What was your win this week?

So tell us, what was your win this week? It can be coding-related or not! :cowboy_hat_face:

  • Did you create a portfolio site?

  • Did you learn a new language or how to use new software?

  • Did you help someone else?

Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s wins!

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Coding: I’m now 71% through the DS path (yay) and I realized that one SQL course that I had completed had more content added to it, so, I decided to finish that too.

Non-coding: I’m vaccinated and tomorrow is 14 days post vax. YAY, science FTW! I’m also quite excited to play softball again in a few weeks. I haven’t seen my friends/teammates since Fall 2019 and it will be wonderful to laugh and see them again and to play in Central Park. I am thankful. :sob: :baseball:


I haven’t really had the time to sit down and code lately, I’ve been extremely busy with school projects :pensive:

But I did have a non-coding win this week: A new social media app just for artists (called Artfol) was just released, and I decided to get myself and account and start posting my art in there. It was such a strange sensation, and seeing people like my art felt so cool :sweat_smile: :sparkles:

Really looking forward to get back to the DS Path after all this school crazyness.


I’m 74% through the “Create Websites with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages”, and I’m on track to complete it soon!


Code Related:

Super excited about the new cyber security course!!

Non Code Related:

I placed third in my division at a BJJ competition last weekend! Not the gold I was hoping for but I’ll get there someday.


I haven’t really been coding much last week because of exam :pensive: . And now I’ll continue what I left out which is building my own movie app using The Movie Database API using React, also continue to grind on my Full Stack Engineering path.


Passed an Intro to Python course and now signed up to Codecademy Pro doing the Full-Stack Enginner Career Path. Slow progress but staying consistent which is massive for me :joy: lot of content to get through so chipping away at it :+1:


Not code related, covid restrictions being relaxed (UK) meant my football league could restart, trying to stay safe and shift some weight as the recent lockdowns have not been kind