What was your win this week?

So, tell us! What was your win this past week? It can be coding-related or not.

  • Did you attend a virtual meetup?

  • Did you finish a course or a task you’d been working on?

  • Did you carve out some time every day to study/write some code?

Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s wins! :slight_smile:

Coding: I finally got back up to 70% in the DS path.

Non-coding: I get vaccinated tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it. Thank you, science!

Also, not really a win or any of my doing, but Spring flowers are coming up–daffodils and tulips…and that’s always one of my favorite times of the year. :seedling: :tulip:


You’re lucky. Flowers don’t come where I’m at until after a week of flooding in mid April :laughing:

Coding win: Finally got round to doing the Flask material.

Non-coding win: Brewed a batch of citrus-infused pale ale that came out pretty tasty. :beers: