What was your win this week?

What was your win this week? It can be coding-related or not! (We are more than just the code we study & write!). :partying_face:

  • Did you complete a course & get a certificate?

  • Did you publish an article on a blog?

  • Did you have a coding breakthrough?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :dancer:t2:


Coding-related: I continued my coding streak & I am 100 days shy of a year! I also started the NBA DS project (hooray for data that is interesting!)

Non-coding: I made some really delicious lentil soup. Leeks & coriander are key flavor ingredients. :bowl_with_spoon:

:woman_technologist:t2: :woman_cook:t2:


If you can figure out how to make the Knicks champions you’ll be the undisputed g.o.a.t. of New York City.


I’ll do one (I rarely do these)!

One professor this semester is famously impenetrable in their lecture material/notes (computer architecture). I was able to attend a couple of office hours and the TA’s were incredibly helpful – which I was able to pass on to my study group. Hooray for making inroads and hooray for teamwork.


Knicks? Ha. No way (Apologies to Spike Lee). Go Warriors! Also, I’ve sort of become a Nets fan…b/c hello, KD! :slight_smile:
Narrator: She only half pays attention to NBA stuff.

It’s been a productive week for me

  • Completed a script for the Codecademy Forums that adds the ability to see unformatted (raw) posts. It evolved into a plugin using the official APIs and has been installed in all the Community themes. Anyone using a Community theme, such as the much-needed Dark Theme, will see an extra button in the ... menu of each post. That’s where my published code lives.

  • Finished the Learn Swift course yesterday


Honestly, my win has been getting involved in the forums! I’m really enjoying the community and the opportunities to learn by helping other people - makes me realize how important it is to not just code, but also to be able to communicate it to others.


I didn’t really have much of a win this week. But I have been progressing through my HTML and JS course quicker than ever (non-Pro). Thinking about starting to work on an offsite IDE (integrated development environment) and making some websites and things like that to fool around with!


I am pretty excited to learn SQL. I have been going through JavaScript and really enjoying it. It’s probably my favorite so far.


JavaScript is definitely one of my favorite languages. But HTML and CSS are pretty fun as well!

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Spent a bunch of time learning more about design and user experience! (Made possible by the school year coming to a close: another win.) After getting turned down for some UX/UI jobs after I graduated due to a lack of coding skill, I gave up on design for several years. Now that my coding is back up to par… time to get back into design, too!


Just out of curiosity, how did you learn more about design and user experience? Was it here in Codecademy, a course elsewhere, or just a great site or two? I need to learn more about UX myself and would love to hear what helped you.

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Interestingly enough, the “Responsive Design” units in the Front End Career Path on Codecademy were recently updated with some new info, so that’s definitely a good place to start, if you want to stay on-platform!

Currently, I’m auditing the courses Fundamentals of Graphic Design and Visual Elements of User Interface Design from CalArts on Coursera. (Debating whether I should pay to enroll officially for the assignment feedback and additional content.) I’ve also been reviewing some of my old notes from when I studied illustration in university–a lot of the design principles stay the same. In addition, I’ve been loving the book The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman.

There’s a lot of good info out there, so I hope you can find some things that click for you!


Currently going through the C# course. Only halfway through.
To augment my learning, I decided to hone my C# skills i learned to practical use.
Managed to get up and running tinkering and experimenting with simple games with Unity.
I did use youtube, google etc for help, but I felt satisfied that I understood and knew how to apply my C# skills I learned in a practical setting. Codecademy is such a great starting point.
Now I’m trying to finish up my C# course.
Remember guys, it’s a marathon, not a race. So let’s learn & enjoy the process! Cheers!