What was your win this week?

What was your win for this week? It can be coding-related or not!

  • Did you start a 30-day challenge?

  • Did you test your coding skills on a site like hackerrank or codewars?

  • Did you help someone else?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :dancer:t2: :man_dancing:t2:

Coding-related: I finished the Data Transformation portion of the DS path and am edging in on the NBA trends project. (I stopped where I had been on the path and went back to complete the newly added sections of the DS path. Glad I did too! Lots of excellent content there!)

Non-coding related: I was finally able to break through and make an appointment for my Dad to get vaccinated. My Mom gets her first vax today. YAY!! I’ll take this victory! :partying_face: :partying_face:


Coding Win: Got an automation project to the point of MVP, after having to refactor it to run on a different platform than intended.

Non Coding Win: Made some serious progress in a couple of projects for work, after nearly 10 months of COVID related delays…

Also, the study material for some of the recertification exams I have to take this year has begun to arrive!


Coding: I’m progressing at a stable pace at learning JS. I created a command line package using node and published my first package on npmjs.com and I helped solve an algorithm problem for my friend.

Others: I posted my first blog post today on Codecademy today. Here’s the link to it:


Non-Coding related: I gained 2 “solved questions” this week (which is like 400x better than I normally do).

Coding related: I haven’t really been able to force myself to learn code this week, but I’ve been helping others here in the forums as much as I can!


Code related:

Learned a bit about memory allocation in C and got a fair amount of practice in.

Non-Code related:

Winter storm finally blew out, so I’ve gotten a good bit of time outdoors.


It’s getting nice outside for me too!!! I’ve been in and out all week in 60° weather. All I’ve been smelling in the evening is barbecue! :yum:


Coding-Related: Contributed to the bot for the Codecademy Community Discord with the other SUs and Mods (also learnt a bunch of stuff about Git and MySQL along the way).

Non-Coding: Crossed several items off my to-do list.


I have been slowly moving through the beginner material.

I also am starting to critique websites.