What was your win this week?

What was your win this week? It can be coding-related or not! :partying_face:

  • did you finish a project & submit it for a review?
  • did you start a new habit and begin a coding streak?
  • did you create a portfolio website?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :dancer:t2:

coding-related: I was finally able to figure out the google sheets function error (with the help of a friend’s eagle eyes) and fix my tableau viz (whew). I also continued plugging away at the DS path by completing some of the newest material that was added this week.

non-coding: I crocheted a v. small blanket for my cat’s carrier where she chooses to sleep. :yarn::cat: :zzz: It’s pretty cold here and my windows are drafty!


I didn’t really accomplish anything this week :laughing:
But I did pass the midway point for JavaScript (nom-pro)


Coding related: I finished all the new content in the Analyze Data with SQL path, along with some extra things I challenged myself to do :yum: :partying_face:

Non-coding related: I have been watching Wandavision, and with each episode that passes, I love it even more :star_struck:


Coding related: I participated in a hackathon with my girlfriend! We didn’t finish our project, but I learned more about Figma and got to see what React is like. I’m currently working through the Objects portion of Codecademy’s JavaScript course.

Non-Coding related: Signed up for some virtual ballet classes (as an adult that has never done dance!)


Coding-related: I have started coding a restaurant’s website to practice my coding skills.
Non-coding related: I have started learning a new song for band. :smiley:


Coding-related: I identified the pages for my website and wrote copy for them so I can start creating wireframes next week. Hoping to have a design to share next weekend. This is the part of development where I sink hours and hours into minute details like typography and color and whitespace (oh my!)

Non-coding-related: I vanquished the Lightwarden of Il Mheg to restore the night sky to the fae kingdom. :rofl::video_game:


Addition: I just reached TL2 (Rising Star) and completed the Advanced Tutorial!!! Thanks @discobot :partying_face:


Had a couple, actually.

  • I got a raise in my first job as a Front-End Developer.
  • I’m also currently going through the process of being interviewed at another place, but I bombed the technical interview. They were impressed I tried to mimic their stack though and they are pleased with how I answered in the follow-up so I am moving along. I might not get the job, but it’s been a great boost to my confidence, way more than my raise.

Coding related: Got a 9 (it’s like an A in the US I think) for my final java software engineering school project for this semester :partying_face:

non-coding related Started working out again and feeling great :muscle: