What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not! :dancer:t2:

  • Did you start a new habit and stick with it?
  • Did you help someone else?
  • Did you finish a class?

Excited to hear about everyone’s win(s)! :partying_face:

Mine is coding-related this week. I completed a small project in the DS path and continued to move forward with that. I also was able to create a couple data vizzes using Tableau. I’ll take that as a win. :slight_smile:


I finished the first part of C#


Mine was not coding related. I passed multiple tests without studying! :grin: :100: I also reached 500 posts read and 200 topics entered within my first week in the forums. :partying_face:


Almost embarrassed to say this, but I hadn’t coded since May of last year…this week I got to start coding again! :raised_hands:

I’m starting with a very basic parked website before I create wireframes for “the real deal,” so I went back through the Gatsby tutorial to remind myself how to set up a new site.

I figured out I could set up one Firebase project with multiple sites sharing the same data, so I’m going to create a Gatsby site for the static content (all the standard website fare, plus a blog) and a standard React site for the dynamic content (all the content requiring authentication, like profiles, chat, and search).


I don’t really have a coding-related win this week, but I painted a sunset. :smiley:


Hi! My achievement this week IS coding-related. I’ve been seeking some additional resource to improve my coding knowledge - and chose Codecademy. Hope this will boost my skills.


Hey y’all,
My big coding win this week is getting to the half-way point in the Full-Stack Engineer course, which is fab. Been really enjoying the whole process so far (and the few units which involved using learning resources off-Codecademy made me realise how much I enjoy Cc’s approach to teaching…!), although I have a feeling bringing togetherJavascript requests and React will give me multiple headaches.