What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not!

  • Did you start a new project with skills that you’ve learned online?
  • Did you continue a coding streak?
  • Did you finally clean off the mess on your desk, aka, de-clutter? (haha)

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :man_dancing:t2:

Mine are not really code-related this week…
I finished up a large portion of a project I’ve been working on (whew!)
I started a new-ish project using Tableau and then got stuck on an issue that I’ve yet to resolve! :confounded:

I should really put away my Christmas decorations. :rofl: :christmas_tree:


This week was very productive over all, I really liked it.

Coding-related wins: This week I started the React course, and I’ve completed 31% of it. I am really proud of myself for that, I used to go turtle-slow on my courses (and lie to myself saying “It’s just that everything is so hard. I made a liiitle progress, but progress is progress!!”). The truth is, I just wasn’t focusing and I wasn’t taking it seriously (what a waste of my time :woman_facepalming:).

Non-coding related wins: At the end of 2020, I set a goal of exercising every week-day of 2021. And so far, so good! I literally can’t believe I actually have been working out every week-day until now :laughing:
I spend A LOT of time on my desk (programming, drawing, writing…), so this has been a nice change :sweat_smile:


Time to get one of those huge balls that people use to "workout? while they sit at their desks xD


I have been able to keep up my coding streak for more than a week. (I have never accomplished that before )
Non-coding related:
I have started stretching everyday to get more flexible, though I took a break today because I somehow hurt myself while stretching yesterday. :sweat_smile:


This week I got started on the Fullstack Engineer Career Path. Prior to that, I had only learned Python, and the Django Web Framework (off-platform). I’m excited to finally get started on JavaScript and everything that comes next (Although I think it’s going to take some time before I get used to having to end all my lines with semicolons :sweat_smile: )

I am also on the 98th day of my coding streak (14 weeks in a row). I have made so much progress. Seven months ago I couldn’t even code. I’m excited to see (and shape) what the future holds. Thank you Codecademy!

PS: This is my first time sharing a win on this forum. I think that counts as a win too. :grin:


My win this week is completely unrelated to coding…

I recently unearthed an old electric guitar of mine that I’ve not played in years, and thought I’d re-string it and see how it sounds. Only problem? It uses a Floyd Rose tremolo, and it’s been that long that I can’t remember what strings are on it…

Took me a couple of hours of tinkering with the darn thing, but I have finally managed to restring the guitar and get it back into tune. Hopefully next time it’ll be quicker… :frowning:

On the plus side, I remember the reason I bought the guitar all those years ago. Twin Seymour Duncan humbuckers + heavy distortion = serious metal sounds. :metal:


My win was more than likely signing up for Codecademy :blush:


This week was kinda eh… not alot was done but hey that’s ok.
Coding related wins: Absolutely nothing because I decided to take a break on that for a while
Non-coding related wins: I’ve been doing really good on schoolwork, haven’t missed any assignments I don’t think. I’m also doing pretty good in my gaming, and am trying to get a setup on mixer. In short, nothing really impressive.


Hey that’s pretty good for a win!


That’s awesome peter, you sure inspire me;


Thank you @script9119873391, and a very warm welcome to the community.