What was your win this week?

So…What was your win this week? It can be coding-related or not! :cowboy_hat_face:

  • Did you complete a 30-Day challenge?
  • Did you create a personal portfolio of your projects?
  • Did you help someone else?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :dancing_women:

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Coding: Finished up the Jeopardy project as well as some other random additions to the DS path. I have a 188 day streak too! :dancer:t2:

Non-coding: I started crocheting a new scarf. :nerd_face:


Coding: I made my first flask project this week. It was just a simple hello world program but it feels amazing to work with flask along with reading the documentation. I’m also working on the Data Science path and I’ve decided to put a definite hiatus on that path because before continuing, I want to finish Statistics, probability and Mathematics to a decent understanding and then continue along the Data Science path. I’m also working on Web Development and I learned to add animations using CSS this week.

Non Coding: I’ve mastered every boss in the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice game, even the most difficult inner bosses and I can clear all of them without taking damage. I’ve also planned to write a blog post for my chapter in the coming week and the plan has went well so I’m proud of that. Haikyu season 4 ended this week; Looking forward to the next season (The Trash Can battle, Karasuno High vs Nekoma High)whenever it gets announced.


Coding: I’ve started (and finished the first page of) a-hopefully-commercial app. Still a long way to go, though…

Non-coding: I’ve restarted my stamp collecting hobby; after a few years break.


Coding: I was verrry confused when I went through my first CSS section; did horrible on the quiz.
Gave myself a break to recoup and came back to it today. Understood it much, much better and did okay on the quiz.

Non-Coding: Reconnected with some old improv friends and got back into that hobby.


Coding: I have started making progress in one of the python lessons I was stuck on.
Non-coding: I have improved a lot in my solo for band :D.


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