What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not! :slight_smile:

  • Did you learn something new?
  • Did you start a new project with skills that you learned online?
  • Did you help someone else out?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :dancer:t2:


Code-related: I finished the Python Classes module and medical ins. project on the DS path. I also made some basic data vizzes with covid19 data from the covid tracking project.

Non-coding: I finished crocheting a small blanket that is ultimately for my cat and am almost finished with a small “lapghan” for myself. Yay! Oh, and I also made a hat for myself. Super simple pattern too! :yarn: :nerd_face:


Code-related: I had to present one of my Data Science projects to some people at my mom’s convention. It was soo stressful but it went well!

Non-code related: My parents got me a laptop! Now I don’t have to struggle with my laggy Dell computer when I’m coding. I lost my NJHS election btw, but at least I learned a lot in the process!


Code related: I reached the 30% checkpoint on the full-stack path.

Non-code related: This week I started day to day planning to be more effective.


Coding related: I am almost there with the PostgreSQL Skill Path, and I saw there were new things in the Analyze Data with SQL Path (which I had completed some time ago), so I’m gonna start working on that too.
More exciting than that, I was trying to write a hard SQL query (well it was for me lol), and after 1 hour, I DID IT! :partying_face:
I learned about the LAG() and DATEDIFF() functions while I was at it, I enjoyed it a lot :3

Non-coding related: A bunch of art stuff nobody wants to hear about lol. But this was mainly a “codey” week (pretty sure that word doesn’t exist but anyway).


Code-related: I finally finished a lesson on Python that I was struggling on. :sweat_smile:
Non-code related: I have made way more progress on a 2000 piece puzzle I have been working on.


Code related: finished a module on introductory javascript and i´m keeping my goal of doing 1% of my full stack engineering program daily!

Non-code related: finally figured what exactly i want out of programming and how to get there.


Code-related I enrolled in a training for Backend Developer, part of which is helping me find a job in the field. This, on top of all the things I can learn here, has brightened my prospects for the future.

As for non-code: I finally found an organic way to bring a couple of characters together in a story I’m writing, and it’s really enjoyable to write their interactions.


Code: I completed a part of a project that was assigned to me as part of university project. I also completed the FlattenArrayN challenge hosted at codecademy and made progress in the full stack path.

Non-Code: I hosted my second weekly focus session this week. It was fun and we had more participants. I have a weekly study/coding time of more than 40 hours and I’m super proud of it.


Nope, you’re wrong. Everyone wants to always hear about art stuff happening!
Congrats on your progress by the way :slight_smile:


I’m sure your cat will love your blanket, but will prefer your hat to sleep in :slight_smile:


Aw thank you so much for the encouragement :relaxed:
Then I shall share my art win of last week:

I learned not to be afraid to draw the things that I truly want to draw. Maybe they’ll turn out bad, maybe people won’t like them, but I draw for myself. If I like and enjoy my art, that’s all that matters :heartpulse:


A friend of mine is an artist too (mainly watercolor and ink). She was a professional for a while, but it fell through because people won’t pay much for art even in the best of times, and times aren’t very good at the moment. Eventually she was forced to re-educate herself to get a job in a different field.

During the last year(s) of trying to keep afloat she started painting and drawing more and more what she thought people wanted from her rather than her own ideas. She lost all enjoyment she got from it. It used to be her way of expressing herself, and it wasn’t that anymore.

The other day I was at her place and she told me exactly the same as you said! She enjoyed doing her thing again, because now she was doing it for herself, and with ideas that she wanted to work with. And she showed me some things she’d been working on, some really good pieces (to my totally not professional opinion anyway :sweat_smile: )

Well, sorry for rant, but the moral of the story: you learned a very important lesson. Hang on to it!


My win for the week were as follows:

  • Code-related: I started the Full Stack Developer Path this week and find this all very interesting and motivating
  • Non-Code-related: really looking forward to start running again, maybe I can do another marathon next year

One thing that I really enjoyed was getting both of Jon Duckett’s books (JavaScript & JQuery / HTML & CSS) and must say, I am amazed by how beautiful and well written they are…


my win is that i am a christian

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Hi everyone !

I’ve made 47% of backend course in 22 days :slight_smile:
I’m on fire :fire: and I like that !
Non code achievement… I’ve cook a delicious green curry paste ahah
And my fridge is full of french cheese ( I love cheeese ! )

Have a nice week !


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