What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not!

  • Did you review someone else’s code & provide constructive feedback?
  • Did you finish a module?
  • Did you set a goal for something unrelated to code & meet that goal?

Excited to read about everyone’s win! :partying_face: :dancing_women:

It was a slow week. Even though the time seemed to have flown by. Weird.

Code-related: I finished the lesson on the DS path for Classes. I definitely have a better understanding of code errors now and OOP. But, I’m still going to go back over it to fully cement it in my brain. I have a 167 day coding streak. Woo. :slight_smile:

Non-code: I finished crocheting two scarves–one being a gift for my friend for x-mas. Then I started another one. Yay! :yarn:


For me it was such a fast week, which is a relief after the super slow week I had last week lol.

Coding Related: I have a 3 week coding streak, weekly coding streaks truly made everything easier for me (since I don’t usually code on weekends) :sweat_smile:
I also made tons of progress with a personal project…I’ve been learning to be consistent and be honest with myself about how much effort I’m actually putting into it.

Non-coding related: I had TONS of non-coding related wins this week.
First off…

I watched Avengers Endgame.
(that was last weekend, not this week but anyways)
My feelings were all over the place, I cried a lot…and got so many chills during the portals scene :cry: :star_struck: :sob:

I also FINALLY got the book of The Art of Into the Spiderverse. I still can’t believe I have it in my hands. It’s just…INSANE :star_struck: :sob:

I also drew what I consider to be my best digital drawing until now, and got to see some of my family members I hadn’t seen in a while :pleading_face:


Coding Related: Completed the extra features I had been working on for a project from the Learn A-Frame (VR) course. The features required the creation of components written in JavaScript using their ECS system. There were some technical hurdles to overcome with the latest version, so it took a fair amount of research and experimentation to get it just how I wanted.

Non-coding Related: Revamped the throwaway Twitter account I was forced to make 2 years ago to use another site into an account I can actually use if I want. No more random username, blank profile, etc. I used it to tweet about the project I mentioned above. Not sure if I’ll use it for anything else yet.

Semi-coding related: Figured out a workaround for a long-standing annoyance I had with the Codecademy Couse Catalog. I had previously completed a career path and some skill paths that included a number of other courses, but because I completed them from within the paths, they always appeared as though I didn’t take them until I clicked to get more details. There were a total of 14 courses that always didn’t show they were completed until I drilled down. This made hunting for more cool courses to take really annoying.


I have worked for more than 40 hours this week on coding. I started creating a schedule for myself everyday and it has evolved to a stage now that just fits my workflow perfectly or rather my workflow fits the schedule perfectly. I asked a lot of questions this week to find answers and I found them with the help of many people from forums and I’m thankful for that as well.

Apart from that, I cleared a major gaming portion of Sekiro: Shadows die Twice in one seating which I never thought I’d be able to get in this playthrough. To be precise, I defeated Gyoubu, burning Bull and the ashina castle gate general all in one go. xD

Bonus: I hosted my first focus session this week of which I’m suuuuuuuuper proud of!


Coding related: I finished the Web Scraping portion of the Data Science Path and am getting more confident using Pandas.

Non-coding related: I got new clothes and decorated the upstairs of my house for Christmas.