What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not! :partying_face:

  • Did you participate in a hackathon?
  • Did you finally get around to cleaning up your desk/work area?
  • Did you help someone else understand something?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :dancing_women:

Coding-related: I finished the Dictionaries part on the DS path (with the new content added to the DS path, I had to go back and finish it up) including the Medical Ins. project in the dictionaries module. Getting stuff done, slowly but surely! :woman_technologist:t2: :turtle:

Non-coding: I continued to make cooking and meal prep a priority rather than just an afterthought. Made some really tasty veg chili. (even though the temps were in the mid-70’s this past week in NYC. :joy: )


Funny, I just sat down after cleaning the enormous mess I had on my desk (my creative mess got out of control).

Coding related: I DID IT! I finally finished the Python 3 course! It really feels good to be consistent with something and not leave things half-done :sweat_smile:

Non-coding related: For my birthday, I got the “The Art of Frozen 2” book. I’m also going to get the one of Into The Spiderverse, but it sadly didn’t arrive on my brithday lol. I was super excited, I never thought I would actually get an art book. It was one of those things I always saw on the Internet and I was like “Ah, it would be so cool if I had one of those.”. But deep down I thought I would never actually get to OWN ONE AND HOLD IT WITH MY OWN HANDS OMGGGG

sorry for my enthusiasm :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy_cat:


It’s been a week of Angular + C# experience for me :slight_smile: Can’t stop learning and exploring!


I’ve tried to start a new course, but it didn’t go too well.


Coding-related- I am 38% into the Data Science! I was set back a bit because of the new content, and doing like 4 Medical Insurance Projects in a row kind of annoyed me lol. I also am learning more Git and Jupyter Notebook, so that’s great.

Non-coding related- I’ve been practicing jumping more and more on my rollerblades and I’m getting pretty good. I’m running for NJHS President in my school, so wish me luck lol. Also, I finished season 11 of Ninjago, and I’m planning on re-watching Mob Psycho (just for Reigen).


Good luck! :partying_face:

Wait, and have you watched ALL seasons up until 11? I only have seasons 1&2 on Netflix, then I found some other season (I think 9 or 10) on YouTube…so I’VE MISSED MANY SEASONS AND I CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE :confounded: :persevere:

Hah, literally same here, but I share a room with my sister and she’s quite organized…so she will scold me when I have a mess until I clean it up :sweat_smile:

yay :smile_cat: :partying_face:

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