What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not! :panda_face:

  • Did you start on a new project?
  • Did you challenge yourself on CodeWars?
  • Were you able to help someone else?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :partying_face:


Coding: I completed a few more modules on the DS path. :turtle:

Non-coding: I made some excellent banana-pecan-dark chocolate bread & bought all the ingredients to make vegetarian chili tomorrow.


Coding: After a tiring week of school, I was able to complete some of the Data Science path!
Non-coding: I recently got rollerblades, and am now able to jump on surfaces with them (without falling every 2 seconds that is).
Also, I have discovered NF, and binge his songs everyday (my favorite being the “The Search”).


Coding related: I am 3 exercises, 1 quiz and 1 project away from finally finishing the Python 3 course (I was going to wait until I finished it to post this but :woman_shrugging:). I’m also almost finished with the Phaser.js Skill Path, it’s such a fun one :nerd_face:

Non-coding related: I had a bunch of free time this week, so I baked cookies and apple muffins twice. (My Dad loves apple muffins lol). I also had a bunch of time to continue writing a story, I visited my grandparents…it’s been such a fun week.

Also Disney+ is almost coming out in my country, and I will finally be able to watch Avengers Endgame (no I haven’t watched it yet :weary: :triumph:)


Coding Win: Got my API request for a site I use approved, so I can start developing against it.

It’s only taken them 2 and a bit weeks to get round to reviewing it…

Not Coding Win: Learned some gnarly metal on the bass. “Beyond The Dark Sun” by Wintersun


WHAT? I regret to inform you that movie left me destroyed in many ways.


Yep, I know it will destroy me too :slightly_smiling_face:. But I need to watch the portals scene.
I mean, it’s weird how I know most of the things that happened in Endgame but I still want to watch it, even though I know I will cry like a baby :disappointed:


Well, now I’m sad. Off to rewatch Into the Spiderverse for the millionth time.


OMG yassss
I’ve watched Into the Spider verse SO MANY TIMES (I’m not even counting anymore lol)…and my sister (and all my family, let’s be honest) is like “How on earth can you rewatch that movie again and again? You already know what’s gonna happen!!!”
Dude, it’s my favorite movie. The best movie ever. I am gonna watch it again and again until I’m old. (Let’s not think about getting old though).

And…too much rambling from me, as usual :sweat_smile:
P.S: sorry for making you sad


My brother constantly asks me that question. however, i’ve managed to corrupt him too, cuz we rewatch it together all the time.

Let’s not :rofl:

Well, my current mood has spurred on a re-watching of all my favorite shows (an occurance that rarely happens because of my insufferable 8am-4pm school schedule). so your fine. :grin:

By the way, have you heard of Wakfu?

Ditto. But I have many favorites so :rofl:

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Oh that sounds good :sweat_smile:

uff :sweat_smile:

Pretty sure I’d remember hearing about him/her/that lol…mind telling me about it?

Lol :laughing:
Into the Spider verse will forever be my first favorite (well, we’ll see about that when the second one comes out), but after that one I’ve got MAAAAANY other movies that I love lol

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It’s actually a show. A french animated show. Soooo good.

Oh right, I just looked it up (should’ve done that from the beginning lol). It looks cool, I think it’s in Netflix? I might give it a try


My win for this week, is that I’m 3 days into a new commitment to my health, and finally started Codeacademy today and excited for this journey!


coding: slowly getting better with SASS. Also, yesterday the NYC Chapter had another meeting and it was a lot of fun meeting new people and talking about debugging tips and tricks!

Not coding: I’ve been on a 200 day streak with Duolingo trying to learn Polish :poland: and while I can’t speak it, I’m starting to understand a lot better the conjugations and remembering more vocabulary


I was able to do something.

Code Related:

I got a lot of C++ practice in, and have started building a library of basic functions like you find in Python or JS. Eg: sum(), int(), .filter().

Non-Code Related:

I am planning on entering a Brazilian Jiujitsu competition scheduled for December 5th, so gotta start training more.


@mikesjewett any pointers for @8-bit-gaming?


Started the web developer path this week. Able to get some practice and learning time in my off periods at the school i work at.