What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not! :cowboy_hat_face:

  • Did you create a GitHub account and upload a project there?
  • Did you start a new course?
  • Did you finish a personal project?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :partying_face:


Coding-related: I started on some of the newer material on the DS path (they revamped/updated it! WoooHoo!! :partying_face: ) and continued my streak. :woman_technologist:t2: :dancer:t2:

Non-coding related, I finished a scarf (crochet) that I was making for my Dad AND I started a new one. Lately, I’m digging these skeins of variegated yarns. :yarn:


Actually coding related for me this week!

I bought a web domain earlier in the year, with the intention of putting stuff on it (as well as using it to mess about with cloud DNS like Route 53).

Didn’t want to leave it parked and racking up ad revenue for the registrar, though, so I ripped a quick Bootstrap template from a free template site and chucked it up with no content except “Coming Soon” and a link to a friend’s business (he’s a Ruby dev based in Berlin) in case someone actually wanted work doing and somehow stumbled on my site…

That was 9 months ago… but this week, I finally got around to replacing that horrible Bootstrap template (and the gazillion1 dependencies it somehow needed) with a better page…

My inbox is better already, as I’m no longer getting security alerts for dependencies that need updating for a page I didn’t build…

Glorious. :smiley:

Hopefully it won’t be another 9 months before I get round to fixing the fact that the new thing isn’t responsive… and doesn’t work on mobiles… :man_shrugging:


  1. I’ve looked at the dependency graph on GitHub… a single page Bootstrap template, right… nothing super complicated…
    There’s 399 dependencies… What!?

Coding related, I decided to go back to all the courses I left unfinished and finish them, starting with the Python course. I have to finish the Files and Function Arguments sections :slightly_smiling_face:
I can’t wait to feel that sensation of actually finishing stuff again :star_struck: :sweat_smile:

Non coding related, I drew what is now my profile picture. It’s my best digital drawing so far, I’m so proud of myself :pleading_face: :nerd_face:

P.S: I also baked oats 'n apples muffins…with amaranth flour. It was an accident, I can’t believe I mixed up the amaranth flour with the oats flour :woman_facepalming: Surprisingly, though, they came out truly delicious and VERY different from when I use the oats flour :rofl: :sweat_smile:


Coding related: Got back into the swing of coding after a short break. After an hour’s review over the cheatsheets and a bit of practice, I’m back to where I was.

Non-Coding related: I had an interview with the Open University for a software engineering apprenticeship. I didn’t get through to the next stage as I found out just an hour ago, but I don’t really mind. I still consider it a win since it’s my second interview and I guess it just counts as practice.

Win #2: I just found out that there’s an intensive coding bootcamp nearby where I live and upon completion, you may be given a place as an apprentice. Gonna try that out :slight_smile:


Reminded me! Uploaded an old Java project focusing on OOP (it was a simulation of an IKEA warehouse and point-of-sale system).

Also: found time and I’m almost done the HTML course :slight_smile: .


My win this week: completing the (this year virtual) NYRR New York City Marathon 2020.


Wooo!!! That’s awesome! :tada:

I guess this week’s win is that I’m getting out more often. I’ve been head down with studies and coding and haven’t found much time to go out and get some fresh air. I’ve just come back from a 10km walk. It’s not overly much but it’s amazing how much a bit of exercise and fresh air can impact your work ethic. I’m zooming through my course at the moment whereas I’d usually take a few breaks here and there.

Another win, I’ve become more organised, cleared my desktop and put some things up on my pin board above my pc which I need to remember. It’s really handy for memorising tricky things in coding. Definitions etc. Anyway, that’s all from me. Have a good day :smiley:


My win is that I am learning on Codecademy for 227 days now!
I have found a work experience position! This is similar to an internship. That is because I am in a reintegration trajectory.

I am going to work as a front-end developer at a marketing agency. They also build websites. We start with 2x 3 hours a week. I’m going to work from home.

My brother has sent me some chocolates to congratulate me.

I switched from the webdevelopment path to the front-end engineer path and I ordered some of the optional books, I just picked them up from the post office.


My major win this week is that I was figure out how to use Python dictionary and for loop in place of multiple function calls. I knew that it is possible possible to use for loop in that capacity and I recently discovered the way to do the same with dictionaries. Yesterday, I was able to find the way to combine them both. Here is thee code to illustrate it:

def play_song(song_name, artist_name):
    print(f"Playing {song_name} by {artist_name}")

album = {
    "Track1": {"song_name": "privokzalnaya", "artist_name": "Garic Krichevskiy"},
    "Track2": {"song_name": "skripach_v_zakone", "artist_name": "Garic Krichevskiy"},
    "Track3": {"song_name": "Salvador Daly", "artist_name": "Garic Krichevskiy"}
for key in album.keys():

Also, I did upload a project on GitHub. It is a code from the Real Python article on Inheritance and Composition in dataclass syntax. It was done a while ago, but was uploaded yesterday. It gave me some trouble, but solution end it up to be very simple. Here is the the link to GitHub Repository if anyone interested: https://github.com/keisoko/supreme-succotash


Congrats Rosita! Could you share a little about your job search? What did you do to make yourself stand out, and whatever else you think is helpful. I’m been coding a lot, and will soon try applying in earnest, but am very nervous as it is a new field for me.

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Hi! Thanks! Searching was hard because of Covid19. Because I wasn’t searching for a real job, i didn’t have to apply. But I did sent my resume and told them what my experience was. My position is similar to an unpaid internship. I know a lot of people and I am good at networking. I posted on LinkedIn and on Twitter that I was looking for a working experience position. I am in a reintegration trajectory and I have help. So my advice would me share the message, write a good letter and resume. Use LinkedIn.

Good Luck!