What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not! :computer:

  • Did you learn something new–a language or a bit of code?
  • Did you finish a good book?
  • Did you help someone else?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :partying_face:

You know those weeks where you feel like they flew by and you don’t feel like you made progress, but in reality you did? That’s me this week.

I kept my coding streak going and am at 125. Which makes me think of 125th street in Manhattan and a Velvet Underground song. But I digress.

I go back and forth between python and the DS path. Mostly Python this week. Slow going but moving forward, right? Right.
:turtle: :woman_technologist:t2:


I started using Pyxel as a simply game engine, and started a small project to practice its ins and outs. So far I am enjoying it, but given it is still rather new, documentation is sparse.

I went big and got the Viper 770 keyboard as the latest edition to my hodgepodge desktop :joy:
Definitely worth it, as the programmable keys are already saving a lot of time.


Not coding related, but I’ve finally got the rear wheel and brake of my bike back into full working order! :biking_man:


That is a serious keyboard!
(I had to google b/c I’m unfamiliar with it.)


Hey everyone, just started my journey to learn coding about two days ago and I’m about to decide which career path I want to start down. My goal is to learn/become proficient in 4 languages of coding by the end of November. =)


If you are the type who can learn that fast than go for it, but be careful not to rush too fast when learning. I have seen quiet a few people, including myself, try to rush learning a language when they first start, and if you let yourself rush too much, you may end up at the point were you can understand some portions of syntax, but don’t truly understand the language.

You may be able to learn quicker, and I in no way imply that you cannot, but take for example that I have been practicing Python for around 6 months now, and still would not consider myself any were close to being an “expert” (insert any other term you prefer here).


Finished the Learn Java course here on Codecademy! Though it was more of a refresher and review for myself.

Next: HTML + CSS.


I got to 50% of the Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages skill path!


Reposting here after realizing I had replied to the one from 2 months ago:

Honestly I think we are kinda taking it for granted by now but my biggest win for the week is probably that I’m still covid-19 free? I don’t know if through sheer luck or my feeble attempts at wearing a mask, staying home whenever I can, and washing my hands all the time (honestly, I spray alcohol every time I go in our out of a store).

Like I said, it doesn’t sound like much months into the pandemic, but I’m still immensely grateful that me and my immediate family have remained covid free, especially my mother’s side where I got 4 family members working in healthcare (3 nurses, 1 doctor/surgeon).


I finished the Python Chatbot course! It took me so long (it was so hard) but I did it! I hit a new record streak of 95 (I lost it, but nevermind that).

Not coding related – I did well on my exams! I’m applying to university soon with a major in computer science, wish me luck!

P.S. if anyone has any tips on studying computer science at university, feel free to reply, I’d appreciate it a lot.


All the best at university, and congratulations for finishing up your Python Chatbot course.!!!

Being a CS student myself, I have learnt a lot (but let me mention 2 of the things). I have come to know that lectures will really never teach you everything(at least what you need to be relevant in the rapidly changing tech world) So, ensure you are grasping your class content as well as trying to learn stuff on your own. Being on Codecademy already gives you an opportunity to learn new skills that they won’t teach you in class.

The other thing is: do not be a jack of all trades and master of none. What I mean is, do not rush to learn everything at once. When you choose to learn, say Python, strive to understand the concepts well before you choose to jump to another language. At least you should be able to comfortably solve problems in Python before you jump to another one. Otherwise, you will be all over the place but not be able to do much in any of the languages.

That’s all for now, I wish all the best as you pursue CS

Thank you so much! That’s really good advice actually, I was debating for the longest time whether I should continue diving deep with Python or try another language, but now it looks like I’ll put off other languages for now.

And all the best for you too! :smiley: