What was your win this week?

What was your win this week? It can be coding/programming-related or not!

  • Did you supplement your learning & solidify concepts?
  • Did you create something?
  • Did you help someone else?

Excited to hear about everyone’s win(s)! :dancer:t2:


Working towards my first ML project. Continued my streak too, now at 104 days. :woman_technologist:t2:

Non code-related: I was successfully able to adapt my recipe for mac and cheese and made it vegan. I also meal prepped so I wasn’t standing in my kitchen at dinner time wondering what to cook for dinner. HUGE (relief) help. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner.


Codecademy win: I completed the Web Dev Path!

Real world win: Out of curiosity I started looking at remote job postings. I know that I’m far from qualified for a developer role given my current experience amounts to having completed the course here.

However, I did discover that my current skill set, combined with my new understanding of how websites work, has put me into a great position for some technical customer support roles where knowledge of HTML and CSS scores bonus points. I’ve already sent off two applications and feel really positive.

I started coding as something to do during lockdown, I never envisaged it potentially starting me on a whole new career path.


win: I got the new GoPro Hero 9
loss: with lockdown, I can’t travel with it and test it out
win: I know more about React now than I did last week
loss: everyone seems to be looking for jobs
win: my mom (nurse) hasn’t caught COVID-19 yet
loss: I can’t travel to Spain to see her right now
win: I’ve upped my running distance average to 6 miles per day
loss: the NYRR New York Marathon is another month away and it’s getting cold outside
win: my partner got her renewed passport after submitting an application in July
loss: same as before, it’s tough to travel right now anywhere
win: NVIDIA finally started selling their new monster GPU 3090
loss: I can’t afford one
win: only 97 days left in 2020
loss: only 97 days left in 2020

So I’d say all things considered, a pretty balanced week? :joy:


It is about balance!

So, if I submit my passport renewal app now, I’ll get it next year some time. :joy:

I can’t visit my parents either. This makes me quite sad.

Good on you for upping your running mileage!!

Running in cold(er) weather is my preference. Just gotta get the right shoes that wick sweat and have good treads so ya won’t slip and fall! :slight_smile: :running_woman:t2:

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Hooray!! :partying_face: Congrats on completing the Web Dev path!

Good luck w/the applications too!

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In restarting the comp sci path, I see some basic syntax that was cryptic before and now after 45 days straight of work on Python it’s almost simplistic. I’m also teaching myself to type and I got up to 40 wpm after being at 10 wpm at the start of September.

Enjoy the weekend and be well!


it has been a productive week for me I learned and build new stuff also I just got my Responsive Web Design certificate finally :sweat_smile: from freecodecamp

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:joy: No kidding! Weirdest year of my life.


Coding-related: Finally I am gaining some confidence in writing SQL queries. (And one day, I will finish my coding courses, doggone it! Does anybody know how to get 26 hours in a day?)

Not coding-related: My friend asked me to crochet shawls for her daughter’s bridesmaids. My friend is the best knitter/crocheter I know, but she was too busy to make the shawls. I finished the shawls. I delivered the shawls. I’m still alive, and my friend says they’re great. I thought I was going to faint for the first time in my life…from sheer relief.


omg! that’s such beautiful work! How many did you make & how long did that take?
I’m a crocheter and that’s some work I aspire to do some day! :slight_smile: :yarn:

Aw, thanks!! You crochet, too?! Awesome! I’ve actually thought about posting a random thread just to find out how many of my fellow coders/student coders also crochet. :smiley:

I made two and each one took me about ten or twelve days. I think I worked about 1-2 hours each day. It actually wasn’t a hard pattern, just meticulous.

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Yep. I started back up more seriously in Jan. r/n I have 3 WIP (2 small blankets and a scarf for my Dad).
I went on a scarf making binge earlier in the year as well. Everyone I know received a scarf whether or not they requested one… :rofl:
I find it relaxing (plus it works my brain in a different way)…unless I drop/add a stitch and have to undo several rows…hah.

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Nice!! I’ve been doing it for about eight years, and believe me, I still drop stitches. :smile:

I agree; it is very relaxing. I frequently use it as stress relief. I also understand those binges…one time I made the same hat so many times that once when I was working late at night I actually dozed off but apparently kept crocheting in my sleep and didn’t drop a single stitch!

Mystery: why can I crochet in my sleep and not drop a stitch, but I when I am awake and looking at my work, I drop stitches? A lot. :joy:

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Congratulations, that´s awesome!


I am forever counting stitches! :rofl: :yarn:

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Since March when Covid-19 started, I started the Skillpath learn how to build a website with Github pages and after that, I started with Webdevelopment Career Path, now I finished 60%. I am learning everyday and last week I reached a streak of 200 days. That day I finished the Learn the Command Line Course. Now I am at day 208 and almost finished with the Learn Git Course.

Maybe you think: wow she 's learning for a long time now. Wel, not only I have a child and a family to take care of, I also have cerebral palsy. Today it’s World Cerebral Palsy day (and National Accessibility Week here in the Netherlands The theme is Digital Accessibility) and I realise How furtunate I am to be able to learn to code and managed to do that for over 200 days now! It’s not obvious for everyone to learn and using the internet or other technology. That’s why I want to become a webdeveloper, to make sure everyone is able to use the internet. Accessibility is an important topic for people with CP or other disabilities. We need technology to make our lives easier and better. And I think it’s amazing that Codecademy has made a priority of accessibility on their website and in their courses. Because of tha it’s easier for me to learn to code. And I can take my time to learn. It’s not only the visible things, that make a website accessible (I’m not an expert) but it’s also the structure of the website and the way courses are build. Thank you Codecademy!!!

commandline certificate|590x457


Congratulations on your certificate(s)! :partying_face:
208 days is impressive!!

Keep going and happy coding!

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Hi there @rulesbyrosita! I haven’t seen you since Sonny stopped his Twitch streams. Sounds like you are still going strong with coding! That’s awesome. We should definitely collab on a project soon :partying_face:


Loving all the positive successes here!

To add mine to the mix - I made the decision to change careers in July and started the Web Development Career path at the beginning of August. Having had little else to do with my time, I spent most of everyday working through the course material as well as filling in any blanks with other resources. Last week I completed the Web Dev path on Codecademy!
I’ve spent the last few days working on user authentication with Mongoose and I’ll be diving into building up my portfolio site at the end of this week hopefully!

Loving this community and glad to be a part of it!