What was your win this week?

Weekly recap time. What was your win this past week? It can be coding related or not!

  • Did you help someone? (teach one, learn two)
  • Did you try out something new? A new language, perhaps?
  • Did you finish a project you were working on?

Excited to hear about everyone’s win! :partying_face:

I’m slowly working my way through the Chocolate Scraping project (BeautifulSoup).
I have a 90-day streak and I’m 72% through the DS path. Feels slow-going…but I guess it’s something. I just want to make sure that I fully understand everything.


I learned the importance of small habits, how they can make a big difference in your life if you’re consistent.

You would be surprised how much of a difference it makes to spend at least 5mins cleaning your room everyday (I’m usually a very messy person lol).

I also decided to draw every day, even if the results aren’t perfect. (And man, I improved so much in just a few days).

Aaaaand…I have a 12-day coding streak. Yeah, ik it’s not that much BUT it’s my longest streak until now :sweat_smile: And I’ve honestly been learning a lot (I’m on the Computer Science path…26% through).

This is already kind of a long post so I’ll just quickly mention that I baked the most perfect cookies ever :cookie: :drooling_face:…to compensate for last week’s.


I’ve finally convinced myself it’s ok to slow down and actually explore and understand the concepts I’m trying to learn. Progress was fast at the beginning of the web dev path but as things developed, the concepts grew more complex and I was still trying to speed through the lessons.

I’ve started helping answer questions on the forum which is helping me review earlier topics in the path and further my understanding.


I cleaned up my room! And you may be asking how is that an achievement? Well I was not enjoying staying in a cluttered, musty room everyday for MONTHS, so it makes me happier when I walk into it and see my achievement.
Also, guess who solved a 4 kata on codewars? It was one of those speed tests as well (not fun).



If only more people realised that this stuff is a marathon and not a sprint… :smiley:

My win is completely random, but my barber has finally reopened… it’s good to no longer have hair all in my face… :smiley:


Congrats! I’ve been trying to get myself away from homework, but to no avail.

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Thank you! Codewars is not easy at ALL.


Dude, definitely no. The day I finally finished reading the KonMarie book and finally organized my room, it was like one of the biggest achievements of my entire life :star_struck: :sweat_smile:


totally agree man, full-stack progress is really fast and it feels easy but as soon as you get started with javascript, you start to realize why very few people are able to do this.
anyway, consistency is the key, and it’s really fun talking to people in this community I spent here more time than I do on insta. :slightly_smiling_face: :muscle: :muscle:

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