What was your win this week?

What was your win for this final week of Summer? It can be coding related or not!

  • Did you finish a module and/or start a new one?
  • Did you go off-platform and do your own project?
  • Did you help someone else? (ie: ‘teach one, two learn’?)

Excited to read about everyone’s win(s)! :sunglasses:

I have an 83 day coding streak and r/n I’m going back over the web scraping lesson and trying to tie together what I’ve learned elsewhere & here b/c I want to build a scraper and get data from The Met. :art: :woman_technologist:t2: There’s also some really cool data vizzes from students at Parsons. One can kind of get lost in all the browsing. It’s pretty cool!


I’m excited I was able to finish my SQL course. I love SQL so much. That, and my streak on Codewars (those challenges aren’t easy!).


LAST WEEK OF SUMMER?! oh man :sweat:

This week I got into (or should I say my Dad got me into) AI/Machine Learning, so I came here to Codecademy to learn as much as I can from the topic. I found this really cool article here in CC, and I was like “Dang, this can truly be applied to personal interests.”

I started the 30-days challenge (and I lost my previous streak :confused:)

Also I baked cookies twice this week :cookie:
The first ones were terrible (and burned) tho :sweat_smile: But for some reason my Mom really likes burned cookies, so she ate them all :woman_shrugging:
But I think the new cookies turned out much better lol (sorry Mom, no more burned cookies)


Congrats! :partying_face:
Also, I agree about CodeWars! I get stuck often.

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I can’t wait to get to the ML part.

What kind of cookies? :cookie:

Chocolate chip cookies. I usually use gluten-free flour for making them, but then I decided to try a different flour (almond flour) and…it wasn’t a success lol. And even if some (like 4) of the cookies didn’t get burned, I didn’t like how they tasted :expressionless:


I think it’s fair to say that as long as your mom like them, it’s a success :sweat_smile:

Also I’ve heard Almond flour takes some time to get used to using.


My win this week was going for my first run in 14 months yesterday. After a soft tissue injury last year I got used to not going for runs, and anyone who has been there knows that starting to work out again after a hiatus is tough.

Code-wise, I’ve been really trying to do better about using Github and making reasonable sized commits and better commit messages. In the last 3 weeks I haven’t gone more than two days without pushing to a Github repo and I’m starting to see a lot more green :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: on my contributions graph.


Aha, yeah probably :sweat_smile:

Well I don’t plan on even trying to get used to it. Screw almond flour :angry: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve used coconut flour in baked goods before and liked the results. It demands lots of eggs though. If you’re gluten-free maybe try buckwheat flour. It’s a little pricey sometimes but it’s really good. (I’m not g-f, but I like to experiment w/different flours). I’ve also roasted chestnuts and made flour from that which is good as well. :woman_cook:t2:

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Oh! Thanks for the suggestions, they sound good :blush:

Most of my commit messages make sense for about 30 seconds then are useless… but then, nobody but me reads them… I should probably change that.

Win this week was getting to the bottom of a convoluted certificate-based authentication issue…