What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not!

  • Did you fix a coding error?
  • Did you start a project on your own, using the skills you’ve learned?
  • Did you do something new?

Excited to read about everyone’s win(s)! :sunglasses:

I finished the regex lesson and am working on the census project now (70% through the DS path [yay]). Dare I say it, I like regex. I just have to remember the syntax. (I’m always forgetting a comma or single quote). :woman_facepalming:t2: I’m glad I took notes!

Non-coding: I made toasted pecan cherry scones. :woman_cook:t2:


Many of my favorite artists released either new songs or new albums :star_struck: I mean, that counts as a win, right? :upside_down_face:

But also I’ve been more conscious about how I spend my time, and no longer feel like “I could do anything I wanted today”. Just write down every single thing I do, and at the end of the day realize “Oh, wait, I did all these things?”.

Also, I just realized it’s not even fall yet and I’ve been living like if it were. What the heck.


I created a working program using web parsing, and am learning how to build APIs.


My jokes were prophetic! You’ll soon mistakenly talk to your friends in regex.

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I’m back in school as a CS major! I think the pivotal points for the decision was that this lull in time is as good as it’s going to get for that kind of manouvre. And it’s a good excuse to continue learning fundamentals without the burn of looking for a job right away.


Baked a cheesecake for the first time and it tasted great! Now I have to perfect the aesthetics (it cracked at the top).

Coding related, an app I’ve been helping to build online got over 1k distinct users, so the team was pretty excited. I’m deep in React+Hooks now trying to be as useful as I can :smiley:


Last week I slipped quite a bit on my coding practice, but I’ve got back on track and have picked it back up which I count as a win!

Also decided to start looking into game dev, starting with C#. Excited to get going. :slightly_smiling_face:


Woo hoo! :man_technologist:t2:

Just put some fruit on top to hide the cracks. :rofl:

You have an oven thermometer, right? Don’t open the oven door to check on it and once you realize it’s set, turn off the oven and crack open the door and let the cheesecake cool in the oven. My Mom does this & it works. :slight_smile:


Decided to learn code seriously. Putting this here so i can look back on the day i made the decision. Much love to everyone.