What was your win this week?

So, what was your win for this past week? (It can be coding-related or not!)

  • Did you finish a Skill Path or course?
  • Understand a difficult concept?
  • Help someone else?

Please, share!
Excited to hear about everyone’s small victories this week! :partying_face:

I have a 69-day coding streak. :dancer:t2:

I’m almost finished with the Hypothesis Testing w/Scipy part of the DS Path (67%). I finished it over a year ago but am going back over it. I think I’m afraid of learning Regular Expressions, which is the next part of the Path. :joy:


There’s nothing to fear about regular expressions… after all we use them in our daily speech all the time. Like when we say, “early bird gets the worm”, or the children’s favorite "(\\w)(\\s+)([\\.,])"… Just rolls of the tongue! Regular, everyday, common, American expressions.


Oh, sure! Of course :rofl:

I started my next Arduino project a few days ago. I am working on a little game console.


Me and my sister started a IoT course, we’re honestly enjoying it a lot :relaxed:
Also, before I didn’t really think that having a coding streak was something very useful, but at the start of this week I said “You know what? I’m starting a coding streak”. Because I mean, even if I don’t code for hours every single day, a small but consistent habit can really make the difference.

So yeah, I have a 5-days coding streak :sweat_smile: