What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? It can be coding related or not!

  • Did you learn something new from a book or webinar, etc?
  • Did you FINALLY understand something that you’d been trying to get for a long time?
  • Did you help someone else?

Excited to hear about everyone’s win(s)! :dancer:t2:

I extended my learning streak to 62 days. I’m now going (back) over hypothesis testing (statistical concepts) on the DS path.
I always hated math but for some reason I liked stats in grad school and did really well. (probably b/c I liked my stats prof. who really explained things and didn’t mind answering questions). :woman_shrugging:t2:

I baked again this week. Yay, me. I made some toasted pecan “buttermilk” biscuits. I say “buttermilk” b/c I didn’t have any on hand and made my own (almond milk and a couple TBs of lemon juice).


i farmed a lot of twitch drops using a bot i modifyed
lets just say the result was stonks

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I found a bunch of good books at Goodwill for CHEAP.
Including some coding books.


Was able to find a great book on HTML & CSS to help supplement what I am learning on Codecademy and discovered Dev.to this week as well. :grinning:


Honestly I think we are kinda taking it for granted by now but my biggest win for the week is probably that I’m still covid-19 free? I don’t know if through sheer luck or my feeble attempts at wearing a mask, staying home whenever I can, and washing my hands all the time (honestly, I spray alcohol every time I go in our out of a store).

Like I said, it doesn’t sound like much months into the pandemic, but I’m still immensely grateful that me and my immediate family have remained covid free, especially my mother’s side where I got 4 family members working in healthcare (3 nurses, 1 doctor/surgeon).


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