What was your win this week?

So, what was YOUR win for this past week? It can be coding related or not.

  • Did you finish a project?
  • Did you learn something new & apply it to a new project?
  • Did you help someone else?

Tell us! Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :partying_face:


I have a 34 day coding streak. (hooray! No, seriously, this is the longest I’ve gone outside of work).

Not sure if this counts, but, I cooked a nice meal for myself. I haven’t been cooking much–more like assembling food-- so, it was nice to get back into the kitchen and make up a recipe. Nothing fancy, but, better than delivery. :man_dancing:t2:


After about a month of practice with C++ and Arduino programing, I finally got my first build done that was entirely on my own.

All it is is 4 led lights that you turn on and off by pushing a button, or you can push another button and they do a quick lttle light show, but hey when I got everything working right it was a win in my book.

And it opens the door to making more useful devices. I’m considering a custom mouse.


That’s a nice long streak, I’d imagine you’re seeing some definite changes in your own skillset after all that :+1:. Good job on getting your control program running and you should definitely be proud of that one; I think interfacing with certain devices is a skill all of its own (here’s looking at you printers* of the world) and best of luck with your next project.

Nothing overly exciting in the kitchen for me this week bar having fresh coriander for the first time in like a year or so which means it’s going into everything :stuck_out_tongue:. I think I’m just coming up on two weeks where I’ve been practicing ‘proper’ touch typing which is a good sign I’ll be continuing with it. I think I’ve spent enough time around a keyboard to type without looking at it but the difference I’m finding after practicing the ‘proper’ finger positions is night and day. Coding-wise I’ve shifted a few personal file management and organisation scripts that used to be in Python into command line versions after having just finished that course which felt like a nice way to wrap up learning that one.

* I’ll grant that’s not really the same but I couldn’t resist bashing printers.


My win is that I’ve settled on a nice studying rhythm, and I’m seeing some nice results. I’m using Beginning JavaScript (McPeak/Wilton) in the mornings and Learning PHP, MySQL, and Javascript (Nixon) in the evenings, and things feel like they’re coming together. I started the Technical Interview course here at CodeCademy, and have been pleased that my knowledge of classes and objects is (barely) up to it–so far, at least!


I have made 71 days Steak :see_no_evil:. I’m trying my best to complete Data Science Path and then start with R. I will be leaving the Projects for now but i will surely complete them.

You can say Codecademy has become a part of my Life. I can’t imagine where will i would have been if i didn’t knew about Codecademy :smile: and here I’m blessed to get along people like you :blush:.


71 Days?!? That’s great! :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :tada:

Happy to have a positive force like yourself as part of the community! :partying_face:

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That is by far the best streak I have heard of on here!!

I can second you on this! And I am glad to have you as part of the community.