What was your win this week?

What was your win this week? (It can be code related or not!)

  • Did you set out some time every day & start coding?
  • Did you teach someone else something that they were having trouble understanding?
  • Did you learn something new from attending an online webinar?

Excited to hear/read about everyone’s wins this week! :sunglasses:


I have a 27 day coding streak! This is the longest I’ve done so far. I plan to keep going too. :panda_face:


Computer related: I got an upgrade on my GPU, the performance is much better compared to what I used to have! Though still not great compared to the super high end ones.

Non-computer related: Our firework show this year for the 4th was great!


This weekend I get to see a very good friend that I haven’t seen in 3 years. And we’ve got some pretty cool stuff for the weekend!

A loss for the week: I tried making banana bread, and the Botton half of it came out weird. Not flaky and spongy, but dense. I wonder what it was? Flavor-wise it was pretty go though :smiley:


Ooo, bannana bread :drooling_face:

Sounds perfect to me, because I can never make up my mind on if I prefer spongy or dense :smile:

Banana bread! Perhaps too much liquid and not enough baking time? Did you use oil or melted butter? Any milk in it?
Do you have a thermometer for your oven b/c many are off by at least 50 degrees.

I had made some browned butter banana walnut bread back in April and froze it. Took it out of the freezer and it tastes like it just came out of the oven. Still fresh. Yay! :slight_smile:

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I used 1/4 cup of milk for 5 bananas, butter was melted. Baking time was close to 40 mins and yes, any longer and it would’ve burn!

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I bought an oven thermometer after a couple of cakes came out far more done than they ought to have been. At least now I know that the dial and the actual temp are 20 degrees (C ) different… and no more overbaked cake!

My win this week was finally seeming to get some sort of form back running, and posting my fastest time over 5k for the year so far at just over 28 minutes as part of a longer run. Not record breaking, but not bad pace after quite a lot of time off thanks to knee issues. :smiley:


That’s a great PR IMO.
I haven’t run for a few months. I want to get back out there bc I miss it. I go super early and no one is around.

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I learned to focus more on what I’m doing instead of taking break after break…I also took a break from social media and started spending less time on my phone. SUCH. A. WIN. My phone usually eats up my time slowly and I end up doing nothing I actually enjoy :unamused:

And since we’re talking about food, I baked some really good apple 'n oats muffins :drooling_face: :yum:


I don’t usually run, but before all this virus stuff started I took Brazillion Jiujitzu twice a week, so I know how you feel.


I wouldn’t call it a loss. It’s all learning. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve baked so many things and they have not turned out, and only I eat them. Haha.
Banana bread is tricky. 9” loaf pan, 55 min at 350 usually works. I’ve found that a darker metal pan works best—no ceramic or glass. Not too many bananas or liquid. Also I don’t over mix the wet and dry ingredients bc that messes with the gluten too much. I also put a strip of parchment paper in the greased pan so it’s easier to get out of the pan. I only started recently doing that. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I have some gluten free flour and I’ve never baked with it. Curious to see how banana or pumpkin bread comes out. Probably flat and dense. :thinking:

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I’m on my first 7 day streak!! Working towards 30+

This week has been my first experience ever coding, and I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I don’t understand what’s going on, but I just keep going on because I feel like it’s going to click eventually.


I have made my Longest Steak ever of 64 Days :fire::star_struck:. Also Today, i created a Repository and Pushed my First Code ever on Github. Yeahhhhhh :heart_eyes::star_struck::grin: and all that Thanx to Codecademy. Because of Wonderful people like you… I forced myself to come and Study Every Single Day. You all motivated me and were with me when i overstudied :hugs:. Also there’s something i want to say that less than 20 days are remaining of my Pro and i will come everyday to learn something new. I’m really Grateful that i got to meet all of you :sob::blush:. I have never really been attached to anything in this World other than my Parents. But I will miss all of you :wink::hugs:. It has been an Honor knowing all of you.


That’s Really Great to know @student31cs and believe me you won’t regret ever to come and study. A Tip From me…Don’t OverStudy and know when to Stop. I learned this through the Hard Way :sweat_smile:. May you Accomplish Everything in your Life :raised_hands::smile:.

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That’s amazing!

I am glad to see people like you who have also enjoyed the coding journey, and are continuing to enjoy it. I hope to see you continue even at the end of your pro.

It has been honor to know you too sir.

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64 days?!! Yeah!! That’s awesome! :tada:

Also, good on you for delving into GitHub! (I know it can be daunting.)

You are a positive presence here on the forums & it’s good to have you here! :smiley:


Congrats!! Keep going! :partying_face:

You’ve got the right attitude–keep going even when it’s difficult.
Practice & repetition (and stepping away from your computer when you need a breather) are key.


I agree completly. You have helped quiet a bit in the Codecademy community. I would love to see you stick around.


Thanks @lisalisaj !!!