What was your win this week?

What was your win this week? It can be coding-related or not!

  • Did you learn something new?
  • Did you help someone else with a problem?
  • Did you ace a technical evaluation?

Excited to hear about everyone’s wins! :sunglasses:


A mix of things! Finished a massive project in work, which was something I was literally learning as I was making it, which was really cool. I also got put forward for a promotion, which is extra cool given today is my 6 month anniversary of getting my current job!
In coding news, I also finally got around to learning a bit more CSS, which was the main place I was lacking in front-end development, so I’ve been enjoying learning a bit more about good styling.


I have a 20-day coding streak!
AND, I’m 50% of the way through the Data Science Path. I am going over things that I’ve learned in the past and can’t wait to get to the Machine Learning etc. portions of the course. For now, I will concentrate on where I am. There’s no rush in learning. :slight_smile:

It’s something and I’ll take it. :dancer:t2:


Excellent!! :partying_face:

That’s great about the promotion.

CSS I used to dislike but now I’ve come to enjoy it… all the best marketing can’t overcome a badly styled page!


I got a job that doesn’t require me to know javaScript. This is important because I don’t think I’m ever going to learn javaScript or I will be old enough to retire by the time I do.


Completely unrelated to code, again, this week.

A friend has challenged me to learn a Paul Gilbert track on the bass. I’m not the most technically proficient player - haven’t been playing bass for that long - so I’m counting it as a win that I got a handle on the first 2:14 (before a very fast, very cool lick comes in) pretty quickly. It’s about half the song, so not bad for the first few attempts.

Not hugely familiar with Gilbert’s solo work, I know of him more because of his time with Mr Big and Racer X. Still, the track is pretty cool. You can listen to it on YouTube, if you’re interested.


This week I drew a lot of stuff. Most of them are sketches, but I enjoyed making them like you have no idea :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I did finish one illustration though, and I’m very proud of it :yum:

In general, my art got much better and I had a great time. That’s a win, right? :upside_down_face:


That’s a win!


That’s cool!
I think it’s good balance to have a musical outlet; learn to play an instrument.

Every time I think I know music, I realize that there are so many bands/musicians that I don’t know. :grimacing:
From listening to him I’m hearing a Rush influence. (?)


I’m fairly sure that he’s quoted Alex Lifeson as one of many guitarists who influenced him, but tbh I think Rush influenced a lot of people…


I saw Rush once, eons ago on NYE at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit. Primus opened for them. It was an excellent show. (From what I can remember. Haha)

Finished my first basic flask model blog (first foray into flask)! This coming week I’ll be practicing on unit testing, deploying it, and sharpening up the CSS and changing its functionality for scenarios that I’ll probably run into with colleagues (music performance, music education).

Cloud services like linode and AWS I’ve been largely ignorant about. So if anybody knows good primers on those let me know :sweat_smile:

It’s also the second week in a row I’ve seen actual friends in person since the pandemic started. It’s not back to normal… but I’ll take it!


I’m on a 8 day streak on the DS path. :partying_face::partying_face:

I’m looking forward to getting pass the SQL material and onto the Python material.


Ha, I totally understand you on that. I have a love/hate relationship w/SQL.
It’s my nemesis. hahaha.

I think AWS has (free?) classes on how to use AWS. You know, similar to how Google has free classes on how to use Big Query or Analytics.

I haven’t seen my friends at all b/c that requires a subway ride. I’m still a little leery about that. I mean, we talk, email, text all the time, so, I will take that for the time being.
I also usually play in a spring softball league here in the city and that’s been xld, or, PPD. I miss it & goofing around with my friends. I know I’ll see them soon. (hopefully). :baseball:

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:laughing: I don’t hate it - do love it. It’s just that I’ve spent a great portion of my career working with Oracle SQL (atleast 10,000 hours) typing the word select. I’m patiently working thru it to learn about the subtle differences in SQLite.


“Oracle SQL (atleast 10,000 hours)” :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


Can you imagine a SQL statement hundreds of lines long :slightly_smiling_face:

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haha. blank stare. No. :astonished: