What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? (It can be coding related or not!)

  • Did you/do you have a coding streak?

  • Did you finish a project?

  • Did you try out a new recipe in the kitchen?

Excited to read about everyone’s win! :partying_face:

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I have a 13-day coding streak on the DS path (and data analyst paths).

I get up pretty early and my brain works better then so I’ve been going through the data science path.

(Also, shout out to whoever wrote the section on functions. It was the clearest explanation that I’ve ever encountered! I had written them/used them before but was not 100%. The cc explanation was the one that has made the most sense to me, by breaking down each part of a function. So, thank you!!) :smiley:


BIG win in the kitchen for sure! I tried making Döner chicken kebabs at home using my oven and they came out fantastic! It all starts with the marinating 24 hours prior, with a yogurt base and a bunch of spices like cumin and cayenne pepper. Don’t forget the squeezed lemon of course, then… then I’ll just share the recipe :laughing: here.


It’s so gratifying when you figure out a recipe. Good on you! :slight_smile:

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I’ve got a 16 day streak going!! Best I have had in awhile and hoping to keep it going.

I got to use a live IDE to help someone out with their Python project.

And after a good bit of extra work there are chickens in the backyard, give it a few weeks and we will have fresh eggs :egg: :chicken:


16! Woo! :dancer:t2:

Oh, wow, neat!

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Dumb question, but, what kinds of chickens? Breed(s) I mean.
I watched some chickens hatch on an instagram account I follow & it was really neat to witness. They were the all-black chicken breed, I forget their name. Though, you won’t have any hatching…unless you have a rooster too?

They are called Easter Egg chickens due to the fact they lay green and blue eggs.
They should all be hens, but they aren’t old enough for us to tell for sure.
The DNA test they do is supposed to be 95% accurate.


I’ve got a decent streak going but sometimes that’s just two lines on that particular day so I’m jealous of anyone who’s maintained a streak with a little more consistency and doubly so if that includes excellent kitchen wins and homegrown chicken eggs.

For me, code learning has been plodding along steadily with plenty of little wins but nothing major. I think mine for the week would have to be on the bike. Been annoyed by some very subtle ticking but only ever on the lowest gears (checked the chain, cassette and everything inbetween). Eventually found a loose spoke ever so gently brushing the cassette, which led me to a dent in the rim, which led me to find the entire wheel was askew. So I’ll call it a win that I caught that now before it collpased on me way out on a trail somewhere :neutral_face:.


On the upside, you get to go shopping for shiny new bike parts! (I managed to deform my rear wheel… somehow, no idea how. New set of Mavic’s on now, and it’s smooth riding again.)

My win was also kitchen related, in that I managed to successfully scratch-make hollandaise sauce (first attempt) for a salmon and spinach pie. Bonus was there was hollandaise and spinach left over, so after a quick trip to the store the following day there was eggs benedict for breakfast. :smiley:


That surely sounds soo :yum::drooling_face::poultry_leg:

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I have made 49 days streak in Lessons and 59 days in Forums. Completed 67% Path in Data Science Path. I didn’t made anything in the Kitchen but i started helping my Mother in Cleaning Utensils and Preparing Food.


That’s awesome! :clap:t2: :partying_face:

I completed & passed the C# course in my coding bootcamp!