What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? (It can be coding related or not)

  • Did you have a multiple-day coding streak?

  • Did you debug some code that was throwing an error?

  • Did you learn a new skill that wasn’t coding?

Excited to read about everyone’s win! :nerd_face:

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I primarily use Colab, but, I finally figured out how to run Jupyter Notebook after updating my OS to Catalina over a month ago. I couldn’t run Anaconda and tried fixing the problem, but, it didn’t really work. I found an article on Medium that fixed the issue. https://medium.com/towards-artificial-intelligence/how-to-run-jupyter-notebook-on-macos-catalina-in-four-steps-f7cc4e2cc270

I also finished crocheting a small, multi-colored blanket.

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Fixing things that don’t work but you know they should is oh so very satisfying and kudos on the crochet; I’ve never tried, but having seen how long it takes even the smallest of items is impressive.

A very small win- I’ve been using git and github for a few old projects but I mostly use it to host chunks of useful or interesting code that I’d like to keep a record of. On a PC that’s fine but I’ve been periodically using Pythonista on a tablet for quick practice sessions and so on. With some 3rd party tools I’ve been able to keep the repo in check between these devices but I’ve had a few deletions (the tools on the tablet are very limited and it struggles to keep track of directories so I’ve had pushes that wiped files from the master). A lot of trial and error but I got it work by using branches on both devices but only ever merging on the PC. Not the cleverest solution but it does the job so I’ll not complain.

Other wins involved finally getting out in my playboat again and managing to host an online quiz for a group of old friends the other day (it was chaotic but I think it went well enough).


I started using the Tkinter module in Python, and I got both a Github account and a Discord account set up.


Finally finished the CS career path! Diving into R until I get ideas for my next set of study goals.


45 days streak so far.

Still fight my way through the web developer path but I started already with the Data Science path since this topic is pretty close to what I have done in my company for a while (analyzing support ticket content). I’m working in home office and the deal with me is to turn the time to commute into time to lern. So, before I start my work I code at least one hour (Web Dev path). After work I spend an hour with my secret passion Data Science.

I won more practice, more knowledge and more dedication to go this way.


Update: the fix I thought worked for Jupyter/Anaconda didn’t. Argh.

YAY! that’s awesome!

Oh no :confused:

I used to use conda for a few things as the versioning worked well for me at the time but I kind of went off it for one reason or another. I did have success with installing miniconda with the .pkg install only a few weeks ago on Catalina though I didn’t use it for much. I’m not sure if Jupyter is included with the limited install than miniconda provides but you should be able to add it afterwards. Might be worth a look-in if you’re having no luck with the package managers.

Oh, cool. Thanks for the heads up. I’m terrible at command line stuff in the terminal. (I should be better at it).
I’ve been using Google’s Colab for awhile now and I really like it. Especially since you can upload directly to GitHub. I cursed at Anaconda yesterday (i’m sure they heard me. haha). I mean, why make something that doesn’t work on an o/s that so many ppl use?
smh. :woman_facepalming:t2:


I’ve posted on my github all the 7 Python Challenge Projects. Still continue to edit them using new methods I’m learning (I found out about walrus operator yesterday!) but think about starting some really big and challenge project.


I have a 5 day streak on Codecademy, and am almost done with Code Foundations.

I also have been on Khan Academy every day learning a lot of new math, which has been really fun. Also have been supplementing that with math lessons in Japanese on YouTube to learn the terminology (because I want to study math in Japan.)

I haven’t written any of my own code this week, really. I did get a domain for myself to play with, so after I finish the last Code Foundations module, I’d like to spend at least half my time just trying to make something. Been a fun week though!

Edit: Oh I also weaved a tapestry? Never done that before, but it’s pretty cute.