What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? (It can be large or small, coding related or not)

  • Did you learn something new from an online webinar?

  • Did you finish a project or lesson?

  • Did you help someone else understand a concept?

Excited to read about everyone’s win! :partying_face:


I tweaked some code that I had written in Python, making an API request and I didn’t break it.

I wasn’t too nervous & managed to sound knowledgeable when I recorded myself answering questions for a behavioral interview for a job I’d applied to.

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I completed a form validation project using JavaScript. I’m starting to understand how to navigate through the DOM.

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I finally got around to setting up Visual Studio Code as my text editor. It makes things so much easier :laughing:


I’ve been using VSCode for ages, albeit with the Atom keymap extension (because I used Atom for a while beforehand and the keyboard shortcuts stuck).

I’ve had two wins this week:

  1. Finally got over the last few hurdles keeping me from deploying a web app to Azure.

  2. Applied the concepts from the Requests II lesson to building a small web app that interacts with an API for a system at work. I now have a small dashboard for automating some otherwise very repetitive tasks, but which will save me (and my colleagues) a good amount of time in future. :partying_face:


I was finally able to install and import Matplotlib in my Jupyter Notebook in my own Laptop. Conda didn’t worked for me don’t know why but pip install worked like a charm… I was trying to run from soo many days and finally today it worked. :star_struck::raised_hands:


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I just finished 30% of Computer Science course and finished some challenges project.

Though small progress i am looking forward to learn more things :innocent: way to go!.