What was your win this week?

What was your win for the week? (It can be coding related or not!)

  • Did you learn something new? Attend an online conference, etc?

  • Did you have a multiple day coding streak?

  • Did you help someone else understand a concept?

Excited to read about everyone’s win! :slight_smile:

I was inspired by the numbers of people talking about their coding streaks and told myself that I would commit to at least 30 min a day. Yesterday, I went back over the SQL (& some Python) parts of the DS path. Some had already been completed b/c I had taken two previous Pro Intensives–Intro to DA and SQL.

I also helped a student with a Capstone project.

Next thing I need to figure out is how to downgrade from Catalina back to Mojave. I’m finding that Catalina is a battery hog & raises the temp. of my machine. I guess it’s b/c Spotlight re-indexes files constantly. :frowning: Doh!