What was your win this past week?

What was your win this week? It can be coding-related or not!

  • Did you pass a milestone of some sort?

  • Did you start a new habit & stick with it?

  • Did you help someone else?

Looking forward to learning about everyone’s wins! :partying_face:

Coding: I kept my coding streak alive. Hooray!
I need to write up a bunch of notes on the material though b/c it helps me understand better. :woman_technologist:t2:


Coding: I finished a major portion of my university project this week! I started learning React this week. I’ve to say it is cool!

Non-Coding: I wanted to catch-up with My Hero Academia since it’s season 5 is starting this week. I managed to watch it while doing all the project work and continued my learning as well! Pretty fun week.


Hi Guys,

I was trying to plot a graph using matplotlib for my data science career path. Both axes on the graph were displaying the numbers in a completely random order. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong for days!

Then, just driving along in the car, it occurred to me that the python lists I was using for my inputs for the graph were stored as strings :frowning: all I had to do was convert them to lists of floats.

I felt stupid, but, it was a win in the end.


Coding Related:
Been such a busy week I haven’t done much coding, though I did get to do some thinking helping folks out with C.

Semi-Coding Related:
Just saw today’s my first cake day, so I’ve officially spent a year here!

Non-Coding related:
Bluebonnets are finally blooming and the mesquite trees are sprouting leaves, which means Spring has officially arrived!


@8-bit-gaming Happy cake day!!


Wait do you mean anniversary? Cake day is when it’s your birthday that you set on the account. Mine was last Saturday.

I believe it gives you a cake day for both.

Oh, I haven’t been here a full year so I wouldn’t know :joy:

I’ve been on spring break this whole week, so it’s been a pretty relaxed yet amazing week :smiley_cat:

I finally got Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects on my computer. After effects looks kinda intimidating but I’ll try to complete all the tutorials patiently :sweat_smile:

I also played Monopoly for the first time ever with my siblings, it’s really fun :star_struck:

Kinda took a break from coding this week :upside_down_face:

Oh! How could I forget? I went outside for the first time in more than 1 year. I got myself a haircut. It was truly exciting and kinda creepy to go outside after so much time :cry:


Speaking of your love of photo editing, I just got a GoPro HERO7 black for all the weird quirky action things I do, and I am thinking about downloading most of those. Were they paid for or free?

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My win was just finding this site and getting started. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time but never knew how to start. Very excited to get this ball rolling.


I had learned how to use the debian-based coding language called kali linux. And I have also completed learning the SQL coding language.


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