What was your 2020 win?

Coding-related first!

  • I embarked on the DS path and am 72% of the way through it. I also have a 191-day coding streak. I got to complete some cool projects along the way too (many of them new additions to the DS path!) and pushed them to my GitHub repo.
    Coding concepts became more solidified in my brain too. (which is always a plus. Lol).

  • I became a SU, which has been fun. I’m thankful to the other SU’s and Mods who, through their detailed coding advice to other learners, I, too, learned things. I’m happy to be a part of this community and help out other learners. Pay it forward is my mantra.

  • I got to start a NYC CC Chapter with two other awesome people who are also SU’s-- @irlfede and @toastedpitabread . We’ve held a number of virtual events and I got to “meet” & connect with other learners. It’s been fun as well.

Non-coding related–

  • Even though we have all been isolated b/c of the Pandemic, I’ve still stayed in touch with my friends & family (seems even more so now). We celebrated birthdays via Zoom and talk even more frequently; always checking in on one another. I miss them terribly and can’t wait to get the vaccine and then see everyone again.

  • I started to focus more on crocheting and have learned a bunch of new stitches (including how to do Tunisian crochet). I’ve made So.Many.Things—scarves, small blankets, hats. It’s fun and gives my brain something else to focus on. :yarn:


Coding: I learned basically every language I know, and I’ve began developing an app(not that it’s any good!) I became a SU, which has been an amazing experience; especially working with the other SUs, mods, and CMs!

Non-coding: I’ve finished some exams I’ve had looming for ages!

  1. I started the web developer course and have made it to the 98% part of the course which I’ll be finishing this week.

  2. With everything I learned from the course I wrote a twitch chat bot that interacts with a database to store “would you rather?” questions and ask them whenever someone used the command !wur in chat. This used the entire stack so I now consider myself a full stack developer.

  3. I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Node.js, Git, and the following javascript modules handlebars, mongoose, sqlite3, mongodb

  4. I learned how to make a complete CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) API using express and routes.

  5. I learned test driven development and the red green refactor cycle of developing an application from the outside in to leverage a testing suite for all layers of the application to give maintainable, complete, fast, isolated, reliable, expressive tests that would give anyone confidence that the system is working as intended.


I started the web development career path and quickly switched to the full stack path as soon as it was available. I built a few projects that I am proud of, most notably being:

  • A music site and a videography site for my brother.

  • A photography site for my friend.

  • A site that showcases my strengths and weaknesses.

  • Most notably I built a portfolio website that implements a little bit of JavaScript that I found to be a big jump in quality among my sites! http://silkwebdev.com/

Honestly I am very happy to be learning on Codecademy, impressed with the ease of learning.


I used Codecademy to score a job at a web company in just a few months, I went from 0 coding knowledge to being able to write HTML & CSS and now I’m doing SEO for the clients at my company, all thanks to Codecademy!


I got back to coding after a long time. I’m loving it! :sunglasses:
Pieces coming back to me again. JS&P3 in a progress


Coding: I have done the Computer Science path, and I am starting the Data Science path. I have also learned Python, which I have never used. I have some ideas that I want to develop.

Non-coding: I have found a job! I have made new friends. I have come back to playing basketball.


I started learning the skill path visualize data with Python and got an internship for 5 months. I then started on the Data Scientist path which has helped me learn a lot of things. I participated in a few hackathons and won some of them. This year was very different, and for some people it was not good. But for me, this was the best year so far of my life.

Thank you Codecademy for providing a 90 day Pro scholarship in March. It was because of that I was able to get an internship and learn Machine Learning which I always wanted to learn but never got to.


I’d say that my biggest 2020 win was beating Covid (woo!), closely followed by me finally taking the plunge and immersing myself in the process of learning to code. I’m still very much a newbie (slowly outgrowing my HTML/CSS training wheels) but it’s genuinely been so rewarding so far and I can’t wait to see what I’ll create in 2021!

Shoutout to everyone involved at CodeAcademy for creating this platform & community because it’s such an incredible resource and y’all truly are incredible.


I think my biggest win this year is starting to learn how to code. I have never really been interested in coding until this year. I hope I can continue learning more about coding and make it into my career some day.

  • Biggest win: starting my programming journey! Thanks to the 3 months of free PRO Codecademy provided to students near the beginning of this year, I starting learning how to code and got involved with this wonderful community.
  • Becoming an SU --> I’ve learnt much on these forums and appreciate the opportunity to give back; I’m grateful for the other amazing mods and SUs here!
  • And just a few days ago, finishing the Computer Science Career Path!



  • Thanks to a PRO scholarship in March I was able to start coding with some consistency -still have a long way to go but now I have more time to focus the only way is up!

  • I learned about the Command Line, Git and GitHub

  • I publicly posted some of my code for the first time

  • I overcame some roadblocks I encountered using JS syntax

  • I purchased a PRO subscription to ‘pay it forward’


  • At the start of the year I (through no fault of my own) was homeless. With a lot of hard work and sacrifice I got a home just as the pandemic began to cause chaos.

  • I helped keep some other people safe, fed and sane during lockdown -much harder than it sounds!

  • I worked on myself

Here’s to a better year in 2021!


Coding related:

I finished Learn Color Design, How to Make a Website with NameCheap, Learn HTML, and Learn SQL.

I completed a 30-day challenge, but I didn’t join with someone, I just completed it by myself.

I did learn how to use a text editor!

I didn’t find a code buddy or help someone else with coding.

I’m proud of myself for staying coding for over 2 years total!

Non-coding related:

I started learning Spanish (I’m Cuban and Jamaican and Black and White)

I became more at ease and happy with myself!

Hoping for a better year in 2021 :partying_face:


I did math courses, Advanced Linear Algebra and Engineering Calculus. Theoretically I also put work into the publication of a deep learning project from the two years before, but that did not work due to some data security problems, which was very annoying. I hope for a better year in 2021.

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At the start of 2020 I didn’t know too much JS, I now know quite a bit!

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Code related:
Well, 2020 was a awful year in general, I cound’t do most of the things that I love to do. But, it made me think about my future and what I pretend to do with it. So I started a game development journey, and until now it is being AWESOME.
I mean, I finished a bunch of courses, participated in some game jams, even found a freelance job as a Unity Developer on a team (But won’t receive money until our game releases, but that’s more than okay, I’m there for the experience).

With Unity I could finally focus on one language that I like, in my case is C#. But at the end of 2020 I was feeling stuck, feeling a little lost, and was on the last day of 2020 that I decided to REALLY learn C#. now I’m here at Codeacademy and it’s going really well!

Non-code related: Was a really hard year, spend most of my free time helping my grandmother because she cound’t go out. But at the end of it, it’s everything just fine, hope 2021 will be better.


Hi @lisalisaj, I’m new with the nomeclature hahaha, but what is a SU?


Oooooh awesome!!!

I’m sure 2021 will be a lot better, and I’m glad that you found a way to learn C#, 2020 was crazy, and it was pretty rough for me too.

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