What version of ruby does this class assume, and what guide is relevant?

Hi you experts out there,

I am well into the class, but i want to know what version of ruby is run and checked by the course console ? AND, what is an appropriate external website that is easy to search for syntactical issues or examples ? I know there are many, but I’m looking for a practical and relevant guide.

I am not sure which version it is in the track, but the lab is using 1.8.7. The track is likely newer. Since we are really only scratching the surface in these introductory courses it probably doesn’t matter, for now what version it is. I’m betting that you’ll need to upgrade (your knowledge base) once learning beyond CC.

As a general rule, the older documentation is still valid in most cases. I can’t speak for the progress of Ruby, though, so hopefully someone will weigh in with better information.

Ruby Docs is a good cornerstone site.

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