What version of JavaScript is Codecademy using for this course?!


I just want to know what type of JavaScript Codecademy is using. Can someone please respond?

'Twill be very much appreciated

Replace this line with your code.


I'm not sure what exact version it is, or if there are different names, but I noticed that it is really different from the one on Khan Academy. I started on that website and got comfortable with it, but then switched to this website and it threw me off.


Same here, also the code doesn't work on Codewars' JavaScript


I tried to use it for one of the challenges and it couldn't recognize the code here :sob:


Oh man that sucks. I wonder how different each version is


I am really not a good programmer, so I can't tell the difference between languages and versions :persevere:but I try without help


Reason: I simply don't have anyone that can teach me without me getting confused :cry:


well if you start the course on here and need help, there will be a lot of people to help you. I could try helping you if you want btw. is there any specific question you have about an assignment?


I am done this particular lesson. But I don't feel like I am getting anywhere, I can really get the hang of anything that I try. If you like you can help me. :slight_smile::thumbsup:


I feel like it's the grade that I'm in that makes me to lack some critical thinking I could be wrong


haha sounds cool. I would enjoy trying to help you with whatever I can but I'm not sure I will know the answer. ask away and Ill see what I can do


Do you know any Python?


I know a little but it definitely isn't a strong point for me. whats up?


I need help to understand how classes work


what do you mean? is there something specifically that you need help understanding?


uses your browser

Incompatiblities are likely things that aren't part of the language at all, like prompt/confirm or perhaps if those other environments provide stuff for drawing - those would be things that they defined before running your code


Is it node.js, vanilla.js or any other type of JavaScript?:confused:


Whatever is under the hood of your browser


What do you mean, Can you please elaborate?


well, the lessons use your browser JS engine. So what JS is used depends on your browser, i think that is pretty clear?