What version of java does codecademy teach?


What version of java does codecademy teach?


Since this is posted in the JavaScript section, did you mean JavaScript? Or did you actually mean Java?

If you meant JavaScript, then think of it as one language, with recent iterations to expand the language and make it more like C. Here you will be exposed to all but the most bleeding edge JavaScript (ES7 and beyond which are still to gain wider support in browsers). What we consider “vanilla JS” would be everything up to ECMAScript 5.x. That is, the script we had used from the late 90s to around 2015. Since then it began evolving rapidly,

ECMAScript 2015
ECMAScript 6 (ES6)
ES7 and beyond

A Brief History of JavaScript

As for Java, that is a question that someone else will have to answer. The two languages are not connected but for the earlier years when Netscape and Sun Microsystems got together. Those days are long since past and ECMA is now the guardian or standard bearer for the ES language. Sun is now Oracle, and if Java is your interest, be sure to make yourself familiar with their online learning resources while you study the language. It is to Java what W3C, ECMA and MDN are to browser APIs.