What version of C++ is taught here?

Hi all - hope this is the correct place to ask this - does anyone know what version of C++ is taught on the Codecademy platform? On Hackerank the available ones are 11, 14 and 20 and I need to learn decent C++ in 2 weeks and I was hoping Codecademy has version 20.

My exposure to C++ in the past is very, very minimal so I was thinking to jump directly to version 20 and learn the latest features since there’s no previous knowledge to confuse me.

Many thanks.

“I need to learn decent C++ in 2 weeks” and “I was thinking of jumping directly to version 20” are two statements you’ll wish to reconsider.

I’ve been studying/using C++ for 3+ years and maybe now it’s decent. 2 weeks is unrealistic and you should reconsider the situation (if it’s for a technical interview I still think 2 weeks is unrealistic). Maybe if you already knew C really well and had a lot of experience, 2 weeks for an interview in C++ is probably not good enough.

Also, why version 20? There’s a good chance that 20 takes a while to be adopted. So learning it too quickly might be besides the point (all the new stuff is not essential to the core learning of C++).

Also, it’s C++ so expect to be confused. Not a knock on your intelligence. It’s a vast and messy landscape.


Hi @toastedpitabread thank you for your reply.
I think “decent C++” might be an overstatement of what I really need. It is for a technical interview, but it’s for a Graduate program more so, I don’t expect it will be very difficult and I have proven experience in Python. My hope is that my Python skills and a semi-passing C++ will help me with the process. And I am ready to sink 6 hours a day plus more on the weekends in C++.

Regarding the version, you are right - I forgot about adoption so that’s definitely a statement I am reconsidering :smiley:

Oh cool. How is your os and architecture knowledge? I say this because knowing about compilation process is a huge part of C++ because you often have to manually link and build libraries (archaic, I know).

Let me find some useful videos.
I think the tougher parts are copy and move semantic and rule of 5 for people that are starting out.

Probably not great. I have some limited exposure to Python’s os module, while working with Flask / Django but I am plunging into this pretty “fresh”. If I were a guy in Band of Brothers, I’d be the guy puking while running up the hill, in the first episode.

And yes, thank you a lot, any curated resource is very handy. The C++ courses on Codecademy seem a bit lacking anyway,

anything with him is good

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Here’s another one