What url do I put in the editor for a popup form to show

I have a few files in the editor. One saying webyardcraftf.html with the menus on top. Then when you click on a menu saying webdesigner, it goes to a file called webdesigners.html. Is it correct to name the other file webdesigners.html. And if I want a popup form showing, when the user clicks on. “ask John a question”, what url do I put there. Do I put Ask John a question It says right ontop of my editor. c:\Users/Spencer\Documents\webdesigners.html.

If you are referring to a popup window, such as a popup login form, contact, newsletter, or alert, you’ll need to use a small amount of Javascript. The Javascript script can easily be put into an HTML file without the need for a separate Javascript file.

As for the URL, it would need a different name than the original file, unless it were in a different folder.

In the Javascript course you will learn how to create window alerts that pop up in the browser.

I think in your specific case the Window.prompt() method would be suitable. It is a window specifically meant for someone to enter in text, select an option, etc.

The URL in which the prompt should go to depends on where you want the information to be sent to. If you want it sent to an email address(I am assuming that is the case), the URL would look like “mailto:example@email.com”.

I’m not sure if that truly answers your question(s), but hopefully I managed to help out some!

Thanks, but would you know which url I must use for the form to popup. If for example I have pages of index.htm, webdesigners.html and fill-in-form.html.
I know I can easily put a form in fill-in-form.html and link to it, but I would like the form to popup on the same page, but still don’t know, which url to put in

No url, what you want is a modal. So you one page which includes the form (hidden) until a button is pressed for example

you can build your own modal with html, css and Javascript:

How to Build a JavaScript Popup Modal From Scratch

or you can search for a pre-made/pre-build one.