What types of jobs are likeliest to hire an absolute beginner like me?

I’ve been learning to code via Codecademy. At this point, I’m pretty familiar with Python, SQL, HTML, and CSS, and am learning Javascript and Django. I’ve also gotten good at using ChatGPT to help me figure out how to do things I don’t know how to do (and then teach myself from there), and have made a rudimentary web app for my girlfriend’s job. Nothing fancy; it’s a button that, when pressed, sends custom emails based on the info on a spreadsheet, using the Gmail API and Google Sheets API.

My plan is to build more apps/projects and get a portfolio together, and my ideal goal is to work as a freelance developer. But given my more immediate need to make money, I’ll probably have to look for a more conventional job first, to keep myself afloat. (I had hoped to find some simple, low-paying freelance jobs on Upwork or Fiverr, but I’m struggling to find listings that seem well-suited to my lack of experience and relative lack of knowledge.)

My question is: what sorts of coding jobs do you think someone in my position could get? (And if the answer is “none”: what’s closest, and what might I have to do to get there?) Simply put, I’ve gotta consider what sorts of paying jobs I can get ASAP, separately from what sorts of jobs I might someday want.

I know this is a wide-open, perhaps difficult to answer question. I’m a rookie and would really appreciate any guidance!