What type of programmer are you?

This is something that personally helped me to learn and be more focused, because once I understood what programmer I am or aspire to be. Achieving that goal is only fueled by my desire and love for programming! And i just wanted to share this cause I think it will help you guys too. :slight_smile:

So here goes,

What Type of Programmer are You?

  • Web Developer
  • UI/UX Developer
  • Developer Operations
  • CAD/CAM developer
    *Database Developer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Application Developer
  • Game Developer

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[details=More Info:]For more information on a specific type of programmer you can look here :point_right:
and here,


Fun, but I haven’t voted. Quite frankly I don’t know what type I am yet.

I’ve made a few webpages for some companies out in Taiwan, but I am also looking at making apps. Once I get to understand React and some backend and APIs a bit more, I want to make an English learning app.

Guess I’ll find out what I enjoy more after that.


You’re only limit is your imagination! :smile: Go for it!

I’m learning to make webpages. I’ve also started a couple projects with the code I’ve already learned.

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