What to Write Java Script On


I understand you write javascript on a web browser but does it matter which operating system your browser is on? I use an Apple. Does it matter if you write the code on an apple to run on a PC or does it need to be written on a Windows browser?

Browsers run the code, but you’d write it using a text editor. Since the code is text, it makes no difference where you write it.


Thank you for your reply. In the develop menu on Safari you can open
console by selecting show error console. If you write your java script on
text edit does the console just see it and run it through the console?

that is not how it works.

I think its wise to do some research in what JavaScript is, and what it its used for. Once you understand that, you will also better understand running Javascript code

some things are best done by researching on your own, then being provided with the answer.

There’s probably no such thing anywhere

You’d put the code in a script tag on the web page, then open that page with the browser

There’s also nodejs which skips the whole browser business

For example, here’s a text editor having opened two files, the page itself, and a small piece of javascript
There’s also a webserver, but you can just as well tell your browser to open the page (the html page) directly from your filesystem.
You can see the output in the console of the browser (the code doesn’t modify the page, it prints to the console)


Thank you for your reply: I’m trying to learn java script for a job. I
don’t understand that much about the Develop Menu but I am doing some
research to see how to run the code.

don’t focus only on develop menu, understand the relation between web, browser and javascript.

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