What to use for game development with javascript for android and ios

Alright, I learned HTML, CSS and js. I know these 3 things. I want to develop both 2d and 3d complex games , i want to go into game development with javascript. What should i do or learn next?
What is the best thing to do next? Please guide me. i want to do with android and ios both

codecademy is so underrated. i got a trillion replies from freecodecamp and help. and none from codecademy.

Probably there are not that many JS game devs around in here to answer you that quickly :slight_smile:
About 4 years ago I started learning a bit of Unity and then Unreal Engine to do game development. There are many courses and tutorials on the web, I don’t know on Codeacademy.
Surprisingly for both you don’t need coding to start shipping good quality games, in both you can export your projects to many different platforms.

So, my advice, if you want to be serious about game development, you should follow some course of either one of those game engines.

Unity is based on C# language, while Unreal is based on C++. In case you want to also learn those programming language you’d be surely one step ahead.

About Game development based on JS here on Codeacademy you can follow the Phaser.js course, which has many lessons in common with the Learn Javascript course, so it’s pretty fast to finish if you already followed the first.

This is my take, cheers! :slight_smile:

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