What to study

What should I study if I want to become freelance developer react or angular? what advantage and disadvantage is react and angular to freelance work? Can chatgpt help freelancer learn angular?

Angular is a framework while React is a library. Meaning Angular has a stricter structure than React, but below the line you get the same out of it.
According to several statistics, Angular has a shrinking popularity and therefore I guess that your chances to get hired are higher with React than with Angular:

(Screenshot from browserstack → see link above. Rather surprised that jQuery is still so popular, cannot see the point of JQuery since the introduction of ES6.)

It’s pointless to learn Angular on Codecademy at the moment. They have a course AngularJS that is hopelessly outdated. The React content here has been extended recently.
If you can learn React or Angular with Chatgpt is something that you might want to ask Chatgpt…

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