What to name your classes and IDs

Hi All!

I’ve been poking around some large and small scale websites and have been trying to get a grasp on some standards/methods used. The first that I’ve observed with smaller websites is that classes and IDs are typically named by something that makes sense (grid_container, banner_nav, email_icon, etc.). However, when looking at larger websites, codeacademy for instance, the classes and names are just what appear to be a random assortment of letters and numbers. Are they using hex to number them or is it just a naming sequence that only they know?

I’m hoping to make better practices while naming my classes and IDs and was wondering if anyone had any insight on this matter.



i think i found the answer you are looking for:


amazing what you can find with some simple googling

Looks like I should just google around instead. Thank you for the info

Google is your best friend, being skilled at googling counts for something :slight_smile:

I had a suspicion what might have caused it, but i never looked into it.

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