What to learn?

I know this is not part of the community questions but i’m seeking an advice,

I have done HTML and CSS part1 and completed. i even created my small website. what can i learn after this if i want to become good at web development front end.

I did learn Ruby but i’m still not confident as its kinda hard compared to html and css. i want to be a Ruby developer in the near future. any advice is appreciated thanks.

well, you can do more html and css? There is still plenty to learn. you could do the make a website course (link)

you could check other resources, like MDN, and there are plenty of other websites (i am sure you can find them with search engines)

if you want front end development, pick javascript not ruby. Yes, from markup language (html, css) to scripting language (js) is a big step, but a step worth taken.

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Continue with HTML and CSS, and learn some front-end coding with JavaScript, and then if you want to go further with JavaScript, try jQuery.

Do some research elsewhere too, and see if there’s anything specific you want to learn, and we can answer your question more accurately.


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