What to learn as a marketer

Hi, I just upgraded to pro and I was wondering which are the best paths/courses to enroll as a digital marketer other than html/css/js. Python or R to improve data analysis? Anything else?
Thank you!



I think being able to use Python with the Pandas library could be useful!


I agree about Python and would also suggest SQL bc it can also be used for data analysis like Pandas.


Prefacing this with a warning that I love dashboards which might influence my suggestions :wink:.

It depends on your current expectations/ ideal end goal but in addition to data crunching & analysis I would suggest some data visualisation stuff but a lot of the courses are Python/matploblib based. Not that that’s bad, far from it, but something like- https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-d3 might be of greater relevance to digital marketing (mainly for analysis, potentially engagement). Suggested pre-reqs are HTML, CSS and JS so it’s not something to start with but it seems like you’re learning them anyway.

There is plotly which offers a convenient library (for JS/Python/R) wrapping many useful parts of d3 (convenient but less powerful). I’d argue that since it’s easier to port to a web application and almost as good as matplotlib for many visualisations (a pretty graph in your presentation OR a web application dashboard) it might be worth a look-in (though it’s not currently a codecademy course).


Oh, also Tableau for data visualization (which isn’t covered via CC) BUT, you can download the free public version and learn it via their quick online tutorials (on their website or via their YT). You can connect csv, excel and even sql servers (not on the free version though).
It’s a very useful tool to know to present & analyze data.


With zero knowledge of programming, and a yearning to be a marketer, where does one begin? The sociological precursors. Marketing is far and away a sociological science, especially once we bring in psychology.

The Hidden Persuaders

Sure, we need the data people to assemble samples, but that only helps us measure efficacy, not market potential. Psychology is where marketing has had its greatest effect.

At the theatre,

Meanwhile, without their awares, twenty-four frames interspersed in the last ten thousand, or so, have been pictures of a soft drink, or candy bar, or pop corn. The viewers are hypnotized.

Let’s all go to the lobby!
Let’s all go to the lobby!
Let’s all go to the lobby,
and have ourselves a …!


Thank you very much everyone for the interesting suggestions!

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That’s very true! As a Marketer (tying to be one at least) i am very fascinated by both psychology and sociology.

As a Digital Marketer i also feel naturally inclined to the tech side, meaning everything that makes it easy for the true psychological nature of marketing to manifest itself through the barriers of the web, if that makes sense.

I guess who i want to be in the future might fall into the definition of “Growth Marketing”, tough it is a very broad one.