What to explore after learning HTML and CSS

After completing HTML and CSS, what is recommended to learn after that? Python? HTML5?

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Depending what you’ve completed before, you can start “Make a Website” then “Make an Interactive Website”

After that it’s up to you, I liked starting with JavaScript, that has the foundations for a lot of the languages you’ll learn.

Thanks for the advice! Sounds like a good idea to create a website at the end. Javascript has been coming up a lot as I research online about these different “languages” so that makes sense. Python also comes up a lot. There are so many I am trying to make sense of them all and which ones to focus on. Thanks again!

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@rpetersen! I highly recommend you do Java script and JQuery, Before the Make Websites, and Make Interactive Websites! They will be highly helpfull!

Great! Thanks for your advice! I am really getting into this!

Anybody just want to check over my code here and give any advice? How does it look? Anything I can do better? AND it works! I know I used the same link after a while.


that link will check for username, please post your code. I just get my own code if i press that link

Create a codebit on your profile here and post your code in it so we can actually see it @rpetersen