What to explore after learning HTML and CSS


After completing HTML and CSS, what is recommended to learn after that? Python? HTML5?


Depending what you've completed before, you can start "Make a Website" then "Make an Interactive Website"

After that it's up to you, I liked starting with JavaScript, that has the foundations for a lot of the languages you'll learn.


Thanks for the advice! Sounds like a good idea to create a website at the end. Javascript has been coming up a lot as I research online about these different "languages" so that makes sense. Python also comes up a lot. There are so many I am trying to make sense of them all and which ones to focus on. Thanks again!


@rpetersen! I highly recommend you do Java script and JQuery, Before the Make Websites, and Make Interactive Websites! They will be highly helpfull!


Great! Thanks for your advice! I am really getting into this!


Anybody just want to check over my code here and give any advice? How does it look? Anything I can do better? AND it works! I know I used the same link after a while.



that link will check for username, please post your code. I just get my own code if i press that link


Create a codebit on your profile here and post your code in it so we can actually see it @rpetersen