What to do when you feel lost in ML?


I feel lost in ML and I feel it is because of not knowing what to use or do and to get the concept more depth in ML. I want to learn and create a project utilizing ML and AI and I’m also learning Python which I like and C++. Any advice?

Hi @text1986976485
are you on the DS path at the ML part?

I’m on ML path to leaning towards AI. I’m learning ML for the first time and its together with Python which I’m also learning but, I am completely new I’m still learning certain terms also and need to know the basics like commands and concepts of ML.

I would recommend going through the Python course first as a foundation for ML.
(I’m on the DS path and at the ML part)

Read this answer thread for a variety of opinions on what you need could need: https://www.quora.com/What-skills-are-needed-for-machine-learning-jobs

It really is a deep subject. But don’t let that stop you!

Thanks! I wanted to use my journey to learning this and utilize what I learn to start my own projects. These jobs are great and I’ll keep this in mind of these jobs.